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CBTproxy is the medium between Computer Based Test candidates and professional service providers. We provide help and excellent services to enabling candidates writing CISCO, PMI, ISACA, (ISC) ² & many more examinations and help them pass their examinations in just one attempt.
Why Us ?
The answer is simple – We provide passing guarantee with extra perks. For example, if “A” is a client of CBTproxy. And unfortunately, he is not able to pass the exam (chances > 1%) than not only we provide the extension until the next attempt but also the fee of his next attempt is paid by CBTproxy.

Currently in the market, there are vendors who will provide you review material and by reading that material mostly 200-250 question you can attempt but if question changes (which happens most times), then you probably might fail or if you don’t remember those questions properly, you will lose concentration and you will be destabilized.

Therefore, instead of all these stressful activities stated above, we will help you pass your exams including CISCO, PMI, ISACA, (ISC) ² & many more examinations easily with little charge. The services we provide is 100% guaranteed and in case you fail in your first attempt with us, we will pay your exam fee again without charging a single penny making you pass in the second attempt. Also, one our biggest perks ; “ Pay after you Pass!”

We assure you that, we are going to help you to pass the examination in just one attempt.
Our Strengths
The network of over 15+ centres across the world
Helps 2000+ individuals to achieve their dream certification every year.
A disciplined environment that follows the set standards to give the performance with privacy and security
Strong Word of mouth in the market
Approachable & Cooperative Staff
Effective & Quick Grievance Handling
Topmost Talent works with CBTproxy
A Nationwide Network Spread.
Highly Motivated, Dedicated and Skilled Team
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