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Fortinet NSE4 Certification

5 High-paying Jobs You Can Get with Fortinet NSE4 Certification

Dec 19, 20214 mins readAmit Masih
5 High-paying Jobs You Can Get with Fortinet NSE4 Certification

Obtaining the NSE4 certification can provide numerous benefits for IT professionals, including opening up new career opportunities and enabling individuals to qualify for higher positions within their current workplace.

Studying for the NSE4 certification involves learning valuable cybersecurity principles and developing skills in fortifying modern networks and managing Fortinet security products. This certification can enhance an individual's resume and expand their knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity.

1. Hybrid Cloud Engineer

The demand for hybrid cloud engineers, who can seamlessly link local IT infrastructures with cloud resources, is increasing as companies look to securely and optimally connect their local and cloud environments. Fortinet is a leading provider of products specifically designed for this use case, with the ability to integrate with various cloud resources such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

One of the key advantages of using Fortinet is that the data sharing and communication between cloud resources and Fortinet applications is bi-directional, allowing for seamless integration and improved security compared to using ad-hoc solutions. This ensures that the on-premises/cloud infrastructure is protected and optimized rather than relying on improvised security measures.

2. DevOps Engineer

DevOps professionals must juggle various roles, including programming, systems administration, and network engineering; they must have a wide range of skills and expertise. The main goal of DevOps is to automate and manage the entire development lifecycle, including deployment and maintenance.

During these phases, applications are used by end users and customers, so it is important to ensure that both the applications and the underlying infrastructure are secure. To achieve this, DevOps engineers may need to incorporate Fortinet services into their products and services, as well as consider the security of the physical network infrastructure. DevOps has evolved to encompass all aspects of development operations and applications, making security a key consideration for these professionals.

3. Network Engineer

Network engineers are responsible for building and maintaining networks, including installing and configuring switches, routers, MPLS circuits, VLANs, and VPNs. In addition, they may also be responsible for connecting internal networks to cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, which have networks that need to be managed.

As a result, the role of a network engineer has become more complex, requiring a wider range of skills and expertise, including some knowledge of cloud engineering and programming. To meet these demands, the tools used by network engineers have also become more sophisticated and robust. Fortinet is a popular choice among enterprise IT professionals due to its security products, which include tools for securing networks and automating various tasks.

4. Cybersecurity Engineer

Like an auto mechanic, a cybersecurity engineer may not necessarily need certifications to perform their job, but obtaining certifications can greatly enhance their skills and knowledge. Just as an ASE certification in the automotive field can enable mechanics to diagnose issues more quickly and understand the underlying causes of problems, cybersecurity certifications can enable engineers to identify and address cybersecurity threats more effectively.

This can allow them to earn more revenue by taking on more complex tasks and better serve their customers or stakeholders by explaining the reasons behind cybersecurity issues and providing effective solutions.

5. Technical Analyst

Technical analysts play a crucial role in the IT industry, acting as general practitioners who can understand complex systems at a high level and quickly delve into the details as needed. To be effective in this role, technical analysts must have strong critical thinking skills and the ability to quickly and effectively solve complex problems.

This requires a logical mindset and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Just as a doctor needs to diagnose and treat a wide range of ailments, technical analysts must be able to troubleshoot and solve various technical issues across diverse systems and technologies.

The final verdict

The NSE4 certification benefits a range of IT jobs, and studying for this certification can provide IT professionals with valuable skills and knowledge. However, it is important to remember that the NSE4 certification is not just about earning the certificate but rather about learning and growth during the study process.

By working through the NSE4 certification program, IT professionals can gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity principles, learn how to fortify modern networks, and develop expertise in managing Fortinet security products.

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