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Benefits of CISA Certification

6 Biggest Benefits of CISA Certification

Jan 26, 20204 mins readAmit Masih
6 Biggest Benefits of CISA Certification

Digitalization has revolutionized the way businesses operate today, and companies of all sizes are shifting their activities to online and cloud environments. Due to this, the need for skilled IT auditors, having a massive understanding of auditing and handling online accounting activities, has increased manifolds.

If you are tech-savvy and have research abilities, ISACA CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification is perfect for you.

Here you will know various CISA certification benefits and how they can add value to your IT auditor career.

1. Flourishing IT Job Market

Every IT auditor does not require CISA certification. But due to the massive expansion of the IT field, the need for skilled and certified professionals who can assist in securing information system resources has increased. CISA is a globally-recognized IT auditing certification and is now seen as a prerequisite in many job openings. This credential help showcase your expertise and sincerity as an IT auditor to your prospective employers.

2. Expect a High Pay Check

CISA certified IT auditors earn a high paycheck than others as they are looked upon as experts in their profession. This certification confirms your commitment and expertise towards your job and makes you eligible to demand a higher salary. According to PayScale, the average salary of a CISA certification holder is between $83,677 and $110,342. Also, you must keep in mind that salary depends upon several factors, such as demographics, position you hold in your company, size of your organization, number of years of experience, etc.  You can also read an in-depth article about Salary Packages of CISA Certified Professionals in India and Abroad.   

3. Be Ahead of your Competitors

If you are an IT auditor who loves to experiment with new stuff and always remains updated about the latest technology, IT auditing can prove to be the best profession for you. Information systems form the basis of all businesses, whether small or big. And if you hold a CISA credential, it shows you have enough expertise to face the challenges of the modern work style. Several accounting activities are completed using information systems. As a CISA certified IT auditor, you possess forward-thinking skills related to this field and accomplish tasks in a better way.

4. Globally Recognized Certification

CISA certification opens doors to global recruitment opportunities. With economies worldwide heading towards globalization, they constantly seek to appoint staff who can think out of the box and handle complex tasks easily. Once certified, you will become a sought-after professional in India and abroad. It enhances your career prospects as you can apply to both public and private companies worldwide. 

5. Several Growth Opportunities

All business have moved their operations from offline to online globally, and there are no indications that the information technology and system field will slow down in the near future. Every day market gets flooded with new applications and software. Hence IT auditing field is also expanding. CISA certification acts like a badge that helps you climb the corporate ladder faster. It boosts your confidence to apply for senior-level job openings and acquire the top-most level in your organization.

6. Code of Professional Ethics

CISA professionals need to adhere to a code of professional ethics. It is like a character certificate of their professional and personal performance. If you fail to do so, an investigation is conducted to analyze your behavior. Therefore, you need to maintain ethical behavior if you wish to keep holding CISA credentials.

The Final Words

After going through all the CISA certification benefits, you know that passing the CISA exam successfully and earning the certification gives you a tag of a specialist IT auditor. It opens doors to many high-paying job opportunities in prestigious organizations. 

So if you possess an interest in information technology, data analytics, and risk assessment, you must try to earn this credential as it is one of the best and most sought-after certifications. 

There has been a sharp increase for employees holding CISA credentials in the past few years due to the digitalization of businesses. Organizations want to extract their information systems' maximum potential and are constantly hunting for experts in this field.

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