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Futureproof Microsoft Azure Jobs

9 Futureproof Microsoft Azure Jobs—And How Much They Pay

Oct 21, 201810 mins readAmit Masih
9 Futureproof Microsoft Azure Jobs—And How Much They Pay

Microsoft is the largest cloud service provider in the world. It is known for the best services, tools, and technology. Undoubtedly, Microsoft has brought a revolution in the IT industry. The services and products from Microsoft are a mind-bending range of cloud-based apps, giving users access to cutting-edge technological developments and the formidable computing power they need to transform the way they operate.

Currently, Microsoft provides its services to the leading organizations spread in more than 140 countries. The top 500 companies are listed in Fortune for the enlarged infrastructure network. As fast the Microsoft is covering the organization; consequently, the need for professionals who are skilled in Various Microsoft products such as Azure is also increasing at an unbelievable rate. Every organization is now willing to pay a considerable package to the right candidate who can add value to the table, hence to the organization. According to the report of IDC, cloud-focused jobs are more. 

This article will give you an insight into the Azure-related job that is not only in high demand but also pays a handsome salary. The most in-demand job roles are listed below:

  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • Azure Ai Engineer 
  • Azure Consultant
  • Azure Devops Engineer
  • Azure Security Engineer
  • Azure Data Scientist
  • Azure Data Engineer


Job Responsibilities An Azure Administrator is a person who is in charge of the entire system, including installation and configuration. He also keeps a close eye on things like the Azure app and service performance on a regular basis to ensure that quality is maintained. One of the significant roles of an Azure administrator is to plan and present periodical audits. He is well-versed in areas such as SQL databases, backup and disaster recovery, virtualization, and high availability strategies, all of which he uses to ensure their Azure platform is in tip-top shape at all times.

When it comes to hiring an Azure administrator, the essential qualities to look for are good communication and leadership skills. Azure administrators share in-house and end-user duties to ensure that customers receive the best services possible.

How you can become an Azure Administrator? If you want to become an Azure administrator, you can explore the appropriate Microsoft credential. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) is most relevant. 

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification validates your ability to implement, manage, and maintain Microsoft Azure solutions, as well as your capacity to execute the job efficiently. Exam questions will cover compute, storage, security management, virtual machine deployment, virtual network configuration, and Azure Active Directory management.

Earning of AZURE ADMINISTRATOR If you have up to three years of experience, you can earn around $80,000 per year. With time, this compensation rises steadily. You can expect to reach almost $130,000 per year after eight years of experience.


Job Responsibilities An Azure developer is responsible for building and deploying apps and services on the Microsoft Azure platform. He should have a basic understanding of Microsoft products like PowerShell, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, all products that integrate with Azure.

He also performs activities such as designing, creating, implementing, and maintaining solutions from technical infrastructure to apps. An Azure developer is expected to stay updated with the latest developments in technologies and methodologies and understand how to translate them into practical, reliable solutions that solve business problems. The developing process requires knowledge and expertise in programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, and HTML5. So, one has to furnish these mentioned skills. 

How do you become an Azure Developer? You can go with Microsoft certificates such as AZ-103, AZ-203, AZ-300, and AZ-301.

Earning of AZURE DEVELOPER Depending on how many years of expertise a developer has, they can earn anywhere from $115,000 to $175,000 in the US. While in they earn £30,000 to £75,000.


Job Responsibilities You might have an idea of what traditional architects do. They design a suitable solution for the consumer's problems. Likewise, an Azure solution Architect creates a resolution that fulfills the end-user's requirements. In cloud terms, Azure Solution Architects oversee the structure and deployment of cloud environments.

The job responsibilities of an Azure Solution Architect include:

  • creating and gathering requirements,
  • determining a suitable infrastructure,
  • designing applications, and
  • configuring and securing the solution once it's implemented.

To gain good progress in the career, one should have an excellent working knowledge of Azure compute, network, storage, and security. They perform technical as well as consultative roles in the organization. 

How you can become Azure Solution Architect? You must pass two examinations, AZ-303 and AZ-304, to earn an Azure Solutions Architect certification.

**Earning of AZURE SOLUTION ARCHITECT ** Azure Solutions Architects earn between $130,000 and $190,000 per year in the USA. United Kingdom (GBP) - £56,000 to £75,000 Germany (EUR) - €75,000 to €120,000 Netherlands (EUR) - €48,000 to €72,000


Job Responsibilities Azure AI engineers create, manage, and deploy AI solutions using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Integrated AI. 

Artificial intelligence engineers are in charge of creating, programming, and training the complicated structures of technologies that make up AI so that they can mimic the functions of the human brain. This position necessitates software development, programming, data science, and data engineering skills.

How to become an Azure AI Engineer? To get a position as an Azure AI engineer, you must pass the AI-100 certification exam.

Earnings of an Azure AI Engineer An Azure AI Engineer earns $110 000 on average in the USA.


Job Responsibilities An Azure consultant helps any organization learn more about the Microsoft Azure platform. The role of an Azure consultant becomes significant when an organization is ready to take the first step toward a cloud-first approach to its operations. An Azure consultant is also known as Pre-Sales Consultant.

The responsibilities of an Azure consultant include:

  • setting contact with various organizations or businesses,
  • finding out what they want to get out of their switch to the cloud,
  • gaining an understanding of their requirements, and
  • mapping out the best possible solution. 

**How you can become Azure Solution Architect? ** If you want to become Azure Solution Architect, you can attempt the AZ-303 or AZ-304 exams. 

Earning of AZURE CONSULTANT The average annual salary for these specialists is $120,000. Germany (EUR) - £50,000 to £80,000 Germany (EUR) - €33,000 to €90,000 Netherlands (EUR) - €36,000 to €60,000


**Job Responsibilities ** Azure DevOps Engineers are in charge of bringing people, processes, and solutions together to continuously create and enhance high-quality solutions that fulfill user needs and company objectives. These are responsible for architecting, developing, constructing, and deploying scalable Microsoft Azure solutions, as well as collaborating on topics such as virtual machine environments, storage, and network architecture. 

A DevOps Engineer's job requires plenty of skills, including not only development and coding with PowerShell, .NET, and C# but also system deployment and operations. They must be familiar with the DevOps approach, building continuous integration and deployment, dependency management, application infrastructure, and creating roadmaps for future cloud deployments. DevOps Engineers will collaborate with system administrators, architects, and developers; therefore, they'll require exceptional soft skills like project management and communication to help their company adopt a DevOps culture.

How to become Azure DevOps Engineer? You can take the AZ-400 exam if you want to become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer.

Earnings of an Azure DevOps Engineer An Azure DevOps Engineer Expert expert certified professional would earn USD 125,000 per year for beginners.

United Kingdom (GBP) – £42,000 to £80,000


Job Responsibilities Anyone who understands cybersecurity knows that the most severe threat to a firm's security is a mistake from the user's end. To prevent that, Security Engineers are required to design and promote best practices, as well as train users to mitigate risk.

An Azure security engineer is indeed a cybersecurity expert who uses Azure to protect their clients' data. They do it by logging into Microsoft's Azure Security Center, which provides a set of tools for enhancing data security. Because they primarily work with Azure, these security engineers frequently concentrate on different facets of cybersecurity that Azure prioritizes, including adapting security protocols for adjusting workloads, responding to highly complex cybersecurity attacks, and quickly becoming aware of all potential attacks.  

How to become Azure Security Engineer? Microsoft is providing several certificates of different levels. You can explore and choose as per your requirements. AZ-500 is one certificate that may help you make a career as Azure Security Engineer. 

Earnings of an Azure Security Engineer In the United States, the national average salary for a security engineer is approximately $102 519 per year.


Job Responsibilities Another high-paying Microsoft Azure employment role in the current period is Azure Data Scientist. The need for these professionals is high and steadily increasing. If you wish to pursue a career as a Data Scientist, you can become certified as an Azure Data Scientist and earn a commendable salary.

Azure Data Scientists are all in charge of creating data models that address unique business challenges. Many Cloud-based firms aim to integrate data analysis tools such as visualization and Big Data to make well-informed decisions. Companies demand Azure Data Scientists carry out these ideas, and they're willing to pay them well. Azure Data Scientists use Azure's machine learning approaches to train, assess, and help enterprises successfully implement these strategies.

How to become an Azure Data Scientist? Although Microsoft provides many certificates, DP-100 is the best for beginners. 

Earnings of an Azure Data Scientist The typical yearly income for Azure Data Scientists ranges from $120,000 to $175,000.


Job Responsibilities Azure Data Engineers must create a reliable infrastructure for translating data into formats that Data Scientists can use. One of their primary responsibilities is to develop scalable pipelines for converting semi-structured and unstructured data into usable representations. Apart from it, they should be able to spot interesting patterns in large datasets. Simply put, Azure Data Engineers prepare and produce raw data so that it can be used for operational or analytical purposes.

Data Engineers are in charge of establishing and implementing methods for governing, supervising, and securing a company's data using technologies from Azure's vast data offerings.

How to become Azure Data Engineer? Microsoft provides the ideal certification; DP-200 and DP-201 are two exams you can attempt to become Azure Data Engineer. Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) and Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201), respectively, are the two courses. Both tests are designed for data engineers who want to build and execute data management, monitoring, security, and privacy systems.

Earnings of an Azure Data Engineer In USA, An Azure Data Engineer earns $114,000 TO 160,000$. 

The average azure data engineer salary in the USA is $130,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at $114,167 per year, while most experienced workers earn $160,000 per year.

The Final Comment Given the growing demand for cloud computing specialists, obtaining Azure certification is a no-brainer. It can also help you get better work in various industries and areas. You'll have access to a variety of professional development opportunities once you've earned this credential.

If you want to get into cloud computing and make a career out of it, learning about Azure is a great place to start. Assume you want to understand the fundamentals of working in the IT business. The Azure Fundamentals course is a great place to start in that situation. The above-mentioned Azure jobs are ideal to consider for people looking to develop a long-term, lucrative profession in the Cloud area. Because these positions need great Cloud computing expertise, they are willing to pay top dollar to deserving individuals.

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