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CAPM vs. PMP: Everything You Need to Know

Aug 20, 20173 mins read
CAPM vs. PMP: Everything You Need to Know

Professionals who want to make their career in project management need CAPM certification. PMP certification is more difficult as compared to the CAMP. Project management is one of the most important professions in the job industry.

Therefore, several organizations and business industries hire their new project managers with the expertise and qualifications essential to impact the organizations positively.

PMI or Project Management Institute improves credibility and introduces professional opportunities to enhance the skills, advance their careers, and lead larger projects. Understanding the difference between CAMP and PMP is important to align the type of certification with the person’s intended career goal. It includes a level of difficulty, cost, and prerequisites.

About CAPM

It describes the relationship between expected return for assets and risk, especially stocks. Throughout finance, CAPM is used for generating expected returns and pricing risky securities. This certification enhances the candidate’s knowledge about the terminology and strategies. It helps professionals to increase their level of competence in the project. In this way, Project Managers can work with more skills.

Benefits of CAPM

There are many advantages if anyone gets the CAPM certification, and some of them include the following things.

  • A project manager, associate, or other professionals with this certification can motivate his project team.
  • Project planning and preparation can be done easily.
  • CAPM certifications allow a candidate to complete, execute, and monitor the project in an efficient way.
  • These professionals become experts in handling projects in a better way.
  • CAPM certified person can maintain the quality of the products and services.
  • If a person is new to Project management can learn how to grow his career and take the right path in making a decision while managing the projects.

What is PMP?

This is an authentic certification for Project Management Professionals. It demonstrates the competency, skills, education, and experience related to direct projects and leads. The demand regarding expertise is very high in the Project management industry.

Benefits of PMP

There are many reasons due to which this certification worth it. Some of the important reasons to join this career are here.

  • It adds value to your resume. No doubt, this is the right factor because there are several certifications. Still, among those, it is one of the most valuable certification programs.
  • It is a recognized certification at the global level. Moreover, PMP certification focuses on the specific geography and domain. It allows you to handle your project successfully at any location.
  • PMP is the right way to learn skills related to Project Management.
  • It is the 100% guarantee of higher income.

There are several other reasons to choose this certification to step into a bright future.


Both the certifications are related to project management, and both are important to add value to your resume. The CAPM is a reputable entry-level certification, and the PMP is the gold standard of Project management credential.

So, you need to choose the right certification as per your job requirement and Project management industry.

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