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CEH vs. CompTIA Security+

CEH vs. CompTIA Security+ certification: Which One Should I Take? 

Dec 06, 20205 mins readAmit Masih
CEH vs. CompTIA Security+ certification: Which One Should I Take? 

Various network and security professionals try to undergo many certifications, either its Security+ or CEH, for the advancement of their IT knowledge and professional reach.

Some IT professionals try to achieve both CEH and Security+ certification, one after the other, to enhance their understanding and knowledge of cybersecurity and networking. 

The same IT professionals are confused about which certification to pursue first. Here we will discuss fundamental and different factors of both certifications, including costs, exams, and career options. 

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ certification is the most popular entry-level certification selected by various IT professionals who want a decent cyber security and networking career.

This certification offers the chance to young professionals to enhance their understanding and security skills in the field of cybersecurity, and it demands that professionals have enough knowledge and experience in the IT field before pursuing Security+ certification. 

Security+ certification provides the theoretical knowledge of various cybersecurity domains, network, implementation, stabilization, configuration vulnerability, risk, and compliance & policies.

Aspirants seeking Security+ certification must have a deep and entry-level understanding of threats, security risk, detection, identification, and network infrastructure with risk management and mitigation. Candidates should be able to conduct proper penetration testing of the system.

To achieve Security+ certification, candidates should have two years of professional experience of network+ credential in the field of IT administration focused on network and cybersecurity systems. 

If you are an entry-level professional and want to enhance your networking and cybersecurity knowledge, in that case, Security+ certification is the perfect selection for you.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) is essential for advanced professionals who must grow in a specific IT field, such as penetration expertise, ethical hacking, network administration, infrastructure engineering, etc. 

Candidates who are looking forward to starting their professional career in the field of cybersecurity official must undergo CompTIA Security+ certification, which is valid for three years. 

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) Certification

On the other hand, certified Ethical Hacking certification is an expert-level certification, whereas CompTIA Security+ certification is an entry-level certification.

CEH is closely similar to the EC-Council official program that encourages increasing the technical understanding of cyber and networking in the detection & mitigation of many cyber penetrations in organizations' network infrastructure.

CEH professionals are familiar with penetration tools and techniques imposed by any cybersecurity hacker and hold technical expertise in using such tools and techniques. 

CEH certification is majorly focused on the ethical hacking and penetration testing of cyber systems. Such ethical experts use dedicated tools and technical knowledge about cyber systems to identify vulnerabilities and potential risk elements of breaches in the data systems.

These experts are mainly responsible for the mitigation of threats by placing more robust network and data security systems that have the potential to stop and identify the cyber threats in the primary security systems. 

The CEH professionals are hired in ethical hacking to provide a tough time to the cyber hackers by manipulating multiple security systems. However, candidates are not recommended to appear in the CEH examination in order to have certified Ethical Hacking training, but it will undoubtedly play a vital role in the success of your career. 

CEH has eligibility criteria to take part in examinations for CEH certification. First, candidates with CEH training can appear in examinations without professional experience.

Second, candidates must have at least two years of professional experience and be able to apply without a CEH training certificate.

Once the CEH approves the application, candidates can take part in the examination by registering online and choosing a dedicated exam center. 

CompTIA Security+ vs. CEH Certification Examination: Key Factor Comparison


As far as is concerned about the examination cost of both certifications, CEH is an expert-level certification, and that is why it is costly.

On the other side, CompTIA Security+ is entry level certification essential to professional who wants to initiate their career in the field of cybersecurity.

So, if candidates want the advanced level certification without worrying about the price, then they should select CEH, and if you are restricted towards your spending on the first try, then you should choose CompTIA Security+ certification. 

Test Difficulty

Looking at the intricate level of both certification tests, Security+ is way easier than CEH because Security+ covers only basic and entry-level knowledge of cyber security and networking.

CEH certification test is costly as well as difficult because CEH test is based on analytical testing and practical assessment of the aspirants in the field of ethical hacking and penetration testing. 

Job Hunting 

The main question arrives about the potential of job offers. The CompTIA Security+ certification has more potential to employ CEH because Security+ is a fundamental and entry-level certification that also covers the security skills and professional expertise of the candidates in the various security and networking fields.

This is the only reason Security+ provides more jobs than CEH, which covers the specific concepts of ethical hacking and penetration testing. 

CEH or Security+: Which One is Right for You?

The Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification has more admirable than Security+ as it provides high-paying job roles.

The main reason is that CEH offers the advanced and mastered skills of professionals in the field of ethical hacking and penetration testing, and candidates will get higher-paying job offers right after completing the CEH exam.

On the other hand, Security+ certification is essential for beginners and candidates looking to initiate their professional career in cyber security because it is a basic entry-level certification and easier than CEH. 

You must obtain CEH certification only after completing CompTIA Security+ certification if you are planning to obtain both cyber security certifications.

There are thousands of opportunities for beginners and experts in cyber security, but you must carry on the practical knowledge of cyber security systems and need to be consistent in network infrastructure.

Both certifications have equal potential and growth. Knowing both certifications in detail is best, considering the main factor before applying. 

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