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CISM vs. CISSP Certification

CISM vs CISSP: Comparing the Two Popular Cybersecurity Certifications | CBTProxy

Apr 09, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
CISM vs CISSP: Comparing the Two Popular Cybersecurity Certifications | CBTProxy

Both certifications ensure a person’s skills against a standard body of knowledge and take a global approach to information security. Each of these certifications needs at least five years of work experience in particular domains. Some people confuse both of them to be the same.

We are here to eradicate all these confusion to make a clear understanding of both certifications. The following are some of the factors in which both certifications and you need to know about them. Without any further delay, let’s have a look!

Focus on management and strategy:

One significant difference between both certifications is that CISSP focuses more on management and strategy. CISSP covers technical topics in some ways. On the other hand, CISM covers the tactical areas of security operations and digs much deeper into those areas.


Competencies covered by both certifications are different from each other. In this way, both certificates are different from each other. The capabilities covered by the CISSP are security as well as risk management, security engineering, asset security, identity and access management security valuation and testing, communication and network security, and security operations, and software development security.

On the other hand, competencies covered by CISM are regulatory issues, information security governance, and cost-benefit investigation of risk mitigation, disaster recovery and risk management.

Which one should you choose?

There is still a question arising that which one you should choose. When you have to choose between these both certifications, you have to keep the following points in mind:

CISSP is an excellent option for IT pros for various fields and roles which are interested in continuing a career in IT security and cybersecurity. Do you know what the best thing about this certification is? It gives you the best and highest average salary as compared to all the other certifications, according to the global knowledge report 2018.

CISM is no less than CISSP when it comes to the average salary. CISSP focuses on the operational aspect of security; CISM targets the strategic aspects of security and its connection with your business goals.

The choice: CISSP for pros, and CISM for managers

These certifications are complementary and not competing for certifications. Both certificates have different focuses and different targets. CISSP targets the cybersecurity experts interested in designing, programming, and implementing technical solutions, while CISM targets information security management.

Last words:

Both these certifications are more than necessary for cybersecurity and information security management. These certifications pave the way for success for the interested candidates. These certifications have their own importance in their own way, and you have to choose the one that is good for you. If you want to make more money as well as serve others by using these certifications, you must not delay any further in getting these certifications.

All that you have to do is to choose your career and get ahead of the game. You will get promoted by these certifications, but in my opinion, CISSP is an excellent choice. CISM is not less than the other, but both certificates have their own significance with some differences.

Choose one of your interests and start a new career!

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