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CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ Certification: A Good Way to Start Your IT Career

Dec 13, 20205 mins readAmit Masih
CompTIA A+ Certification: A Good Way to Start Your IT Career

The CompTIA A+ certification is one of the most useful entry-level credentials in the information technology (IT) industry, designed by the CompTIA organization.

If we look into the other elements of the A+ certification, it is widely recognized and accepted as an industry-standard qualification, ideal for kick-starting your career in the IT field. 

This guide will discuss all the CompTIA A+ certifications required before you take the exam. 

CompTIA A+ Certification Outlook:

1] The CompTIA A+ certification consists of two exams in the Core Series -the 220-1001 and 220-1002. 2] Each CompTIA A+ exam will cost you $232, with a total cost of $464. 3] CompTIA A+ exam tests your knowledge of data, security, operating systems, networking, mobile devices, and hardware and help desk services.  4] There are several training centers to prepare you for the A+ exam.

What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral entry-level certification, validating troubleshooting and networking skills.

For professionals who want to go with the CompTIA A+ exam, it opens several doors to entry-level jobs in the field of information technology. To pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam, you need to take two exams, Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002).

The CompTIA A+ certification exam equips you with knowledge and skills that you can apply to projects in any organization, making you knowledgeable about installing and upgrading operating systems and virtual machines, troubleshooting peripheral devices, setting up home and office networks, and implementing cybersecurity controls.

The A+ certification helps you grab a job as a technical support specialist, service desk analyst, associate network engineer, data support technician, desktop support administrator, help desk technician, and end-user computing technician.

What is on the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam?

CompTIA A+ is an industry-standard credential ideal for professionals who want to establish their careers in the IT sector. A+ exam covers a wide range of IT core concepts.

A certified CompTIA A+ professional will have the below-mentioned skills:

  1. Install and configure end-user devices and software
  2. Connect devices to networks
  3. Perform basic cybersecurity mitigations
  4. Troubleshoot common problems to diagnose and resolve issues
  5. Demonstrate basic knowledge of scripting, the cloud, and virtualization

CompTIA A+ (220-1101) Exam Domains

CompTIA A+ (220-1101 exam code) covers the PC hardware and peripherals, mobile devices, networking technology, cloud computing, and virtualization. The main focus of the CompTIA A+ certification exam is on troubleshooting hardware or connectivity problems.    The CompTIA A+ certification exam (220-1101) is divided into five domains or topics.    Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices (15%): Installing and configuring laptops and mobile devices.

Domain 2.0 – Networking (20%): Types of networks and connections (TCP/IP, wifi, SOHO, etc.).

Domain 3.0 – Hardware (25%): Identifying, using, and connecting devices and hardware components.

Domain 4.0 – Virtualization and Cloud Computing (11%): Comparing cloud concepts and setting up client-side virtualization.

Domain 5.0 – Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (29%): Solving issues with devices and networks.  

CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Exam Domains

CompTIA A+ (220-1102 exam code) covers installing and configuring operating systems, methods to secure mobile devices, practice for small office/home office (SOHO) wireless and wired networks, application installing and configuring concepts, software troubleshooting, and standard operating procedures. 

The CompTIA A+ certification exam (220-1102) is divided into four domains or topics.    Domain 1.0 – Operating Systems (31%): Installing and configuring Windows OS, and understanding Mac OS, Linux, and mobile OS.

Domain 2.0 – Security (25%): Identifying and protecting against vulnerabilities in both devices and networks.

Domain 3.0 – Software Troubleshooting (22%): Resolving issues with applications on PC and mobile devices, including security support.

Domain 4.0 – Operational Procedures (22%): Best practices for safety, sustainability, communication, and professionalism.

How Long is the CompTIA A+ Exam?

The duration of the A+ certification exam is 90 minutes to complete each of the exams. You must answer 90 multiple-choice, drag and drop, and performance-based questions in a fixed time. 

Job Opportunities with CompTIA A+ Certification

As we discussed above, CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral and entry-level certification, which is also widely popular -is good for many entry-level job positions in the IT industry. 

Here are the job roles that you can take on with the help of the CompTIA A+ certification exam, plus their average salaries.  

  • Help desk analyst: $44,436
  • IT technician: $46,744
  • Help desk specialist: $44,586
  • Technical support specialist: $48,836
  • Desktop support administrator: $50,903
  • System support specialist: $54,997
  • Associate network engineer: $67,162

How to Get Your CompTIA A+ Certification?

Now, after getting all the possible information about the CompTIA A+ certification exam, it's time to know how to get a copy of your A+ certification.

There are several options available on the Internet to prepare for the CompTIA A+ exam. 

However, here is a quick look at the ways you can choose from:

  • Online instructor led-course
  • Community colleges
  • Self-study

Keep in mind that whatever method you wish to go with, CompTIA suggests dedicating 120 hours to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. 

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