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FAQs About Project Management Professional (PMP)

Oct 01, 20173 mins read
FAQs About Project Management Professional (PMP)

What is the PMP Certification?

The term PMP stands for project management certification. It is basically a professional credential that is recognized for demonstrated skills and knowledge in directing and leading projects teams and in generating the desired project results within the constraints of budget, schedule, and resources. It is approved by the PMI (project management institute), USA, which one of the leading global association in the field of project management.

What Are PMP PDU Courses?

PDU stands for professional development unit. Once you have successfully qualified the exam of PMP certification examination, you will be required to earn sixty PDUs within a period of three years in order to keep your credential status in good reputation. The PDUs can be broken down into three categories that are leadership, Strategic & Business, and technical, along with the requirement to have at least 8 educational hours in each of the categories.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam?

IN order to become eligible for the project management certification, you will have to meet some predefined professional experience and educational requirements. All of this experience should be acquired within a last 8 years before your submission of application.

How hard is the PMP exam?

To fulfil the exam requirements in order to earn PMP certification is quite challenging. It might seem to be stressful and daunting as there is no specific predefined passing percentage or passing rate for the PMP examination. However, there are a number of project managers who have been successfully able to achieve PMP credential to their CV, even in the first attempt. But there are few things about which you have to care about so that you can be successful:

  • Keep on giving yourself breaks while studying.
  • Schedule your test promptly in order to avoid pushing it back.
  • Take up each quiz and answer and practice the questions of every past exam.
  • Set up a study environment that works for you (total silence vs background noise, coffee shop vs at home, etc.).
  • Create a proper study plan and scheduled set times of every week for studying.

What are the fees for the PMP Exam?

The examination fees depend upon the fact whether you are a PMI member or not.

For PMI Members

  • Paper-based examination cost price is 250 dollars.
  • Computer-based examination cost price is 405 dollars.

For Non-PMI Members

  • The paper-based examination cost price is 400 dollars.
  • Computer-based examination cost price is 555 dollars.

How many questions are on the PMP exam?

There are total 200 questions that will appear in the PMO examination. Although, 175 questions out of these questions are scored while the other 25 remaining questions will be considered as the pre-examination test questions.

How often are PMP exams given?

PMP credential examination is being administered daily all over the world. The frequency of these exams administered at your nearest local testing centre that depends on their volume and hours. Once you have achieved your eligibility for the exam, you will be able to set your exam time and date on Prometric.

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