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Frequently Asked Questions – AWS

Aug 11, 20196 mins readAmit Masih
Frequently Asked Questions – AWS

What is AWS?

AWS is one of the world's well-known, globally recognized, and most used cloud platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides over 200 fully functional products from data centers across the world. Amazon's cloud computing platform is extensive and constantly expanding along with the evolutions in the IT industry. It combines infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) products.

What are the benefits of AWS training and certificates?

AWS Training and Certification helps you build and validate your cloud skills to get more out of the cloud. These certificates also benefit candidates in getting jobs in well-established and renowned organizations. The AWS certificate enables you to get ahead of the curve, building your incredible career.

What is an AWS certification?

An AWS Certification is a certification that AWS awards to people who can demonstrate that they possess particular knowledge, skills, and competence. AWS set the bar for necessary expertise in specific technical fields and common network job positions in collaboration with AWS experts. By taking one among any AWS Certification examination and passing it, you may demonstrate that you fulfill that standard. 

Why should I consider AWS certification?

By proving their cloud competence with a credential recognized by the industry, AWS Certification aids students in gaining credibility and self-assurance. It also helps employers find qualified individuals to spearhead cloud initiatives utilizing AWS. So, AWS certificates are beneficial for both employers as well as job seekers. 

Is any training mandatory for AWS certification?

Although, no training is required in order to attempt the exam and get the certificate in your hands. But, training is advised as part of your certification preparation. It will help you to understand the content better, and you will also get practical knowledge. You can choose the proper training or preparation strategy. To find the ideal learning strategy, you need to explore according to your passion and career choice. 

How long will my certification be valid?

Generally, Every AWS certificate is valid for three years. Every three years, you must upgrade (or recertify) your certification. For further detailed information about any particular certificate, you are advised to visit the AWS Certification Renewal page on the official website.

How many chances are there to earn an AWS certification?

As such, there is no limit for attempts of exams. You have to pay the specific exam fee before every attempt. If you pass the exam in any effort, you must wait two years to attempt it for any reason again. 

Is the AWS certification difficult?

There are certain levels of the certificate. So the difficulty scale will also be accordingly. The AWS associate certifications cover a broad range of topics, so the exam is challenging. You need to prepare thoroughly before attempting the exam. You can also diversify your preparation method according to the syllabus and level of certificate.

What is a beta exam in AWS?

Before using an exam item in a live exam, AWS Certification utilizes beta exams to evaluate how well it performs. Before being released for the first time, an exam may go through the beta phase, and AWS Certification might also finish a beta phase when an exam's syllabus changes. Candidates who completed the exam are among the first people with the new certification if the beta is successful. In short, it is just a validation tool to check if the exam setup is working well or not. 

How much does it cost to take AWS certificate?

The cost for every AWS certificate varies according to their level. The cost of the Cloud Practitioner exam is $100, exams at the associate level cost $150, and Expert-level and specialty exams cost $300. Besides this examination fee, AWS does not charge any amount. 

How do I become AWS Certified?

Passing a specified, proctored exam is required to obtain an AWS Certification. Each exam has a certain number of questions, a set amount of time, and a fixed minimum passing score. Additionally, you may discover information in our certification guidelines about what the examination will include, what is out of purview, and what expertise AWS advises you to have before taking an exam.

How to prepare for the AWS certification exam?

Practical experience is the most delicate preparation strategy for certification exams, and we advise having six months to two years of practical AWS experience. To assist you in getting ready, AWS provides training and resources that will help boost your confidence and chance of success.

What is the retake policy of AWS? 

When you fail an exam, you must wait 14 days before you may repeat it. You will be qualified to take the new exam version if it has been upgraded with a new exam guide and exam series code. It should be noted that individuals who take the beta exam are only permitted to do so once; after that, they must wait until the official certification exam is made freely available before they can retake it.

Is AWS suitable for beginners?

Definitely, beginners can also go for AWS certificates. The provider does not demand any specific qualifications, and the only concerning requirement is that your domain expertise must be extremely strong. Additionally, be prepared for inquiries on programming, data structures, etc. If you want to enter cloud technology, an AWS certificate is the right choice. 

Is AWS tough to learn AWS?

No. AWS is relatively simple to learn. To master AWS principles, you do not have to master any computer languages or highly complex concepts. Knowledge of networking is advantageous, but it is not required.

What are AWS certification digital badges?

As a perk of obtaining an AWS Certification, digital badges are provided to demonstrate certification status. You can benefit from options for putting verified badges on websites or email signatures, one-click badge sharing on social network newsfeeds, and an optional public profile with all attained AWS certification badges. So, AWS certificate digital badges are show pieces you can show the world that you possess a specific AWS certificate.

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