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Frequently Asked Questions – CISA 

Oct 13, 20196 mins readAmit Masih
Frequently Asked Questions – CISA 

Frequently Asked Questions –CISA 

What is CISA?

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is internationally recognized as the gold standard for those who audit, regulate, monitor, and assess an organization's information technologies and business systems. CISAs ensure that an organization's information assets are risk-free. They are responsible for making and implementing IT policies and fixing risks in the IT systems of the organization.

What is the CISA certificate?

The CISA certificate is a globally recognized competency benchmark that assesses an auditor's ability to evaluate IT systems. ISACA awards it to IT professionals who are responsible for activities such as monitoring, managing, and securing commercial information systems.

Is CISA the right choice for you?

CISA certification is required for a successful IT profession. CISA can demonstrate your competence and ability to plan, execute, and report on audit engagements using a risk-based approach if you are a beginner to mid-career expert. It also helps improve your reputation with stakeholders, authorities, external auditors, and consumers.

What is the target audience of CISA?

CISA is ideal for those who want to learn and make a career in Information Systems Auditing. The existing auditors can furnish their skills by gaining a CISA certificate. The IT managers, Security Managers, System Analysts, and Consultants can also pursue CISA certification to boost their careers. 

What does it take to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor?

You can become a CISA by following the steps, 

  • Complete and pass the CISA exam successfully.
  • Submit an application for CISA certification.
  • Follow the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Maintain your certificate in Continuing Professional Education Program.
  • Comply with the Information Systems Auditing Standards of ISACA.

How can I maintain CISA Certification?

ISACA's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program is required for CISA applicants and certification holders. This training is designed to keep CISAs updated and advanced in their specialties. ISACA demands annual maintenance costs, a minimum of 20 CPE hours, and an extra 120 contact hours over a three-year period.

What are the career opportunities for CISA certificate holders?

These are some jobs that you can grab from CSIA Certification-

  • Internal auditor
  • IT audit manager
  • Public accounting auditor
  • IS analyst
  • IT security officer
  • Network operation security engineer
  • Cybersecurity professional
  • IT consultant
  • IT risk and assurance manager
  • Privacy officer
  • IT project manager
  • Chief information officer

What is the CISA certification exam?

The CISA certification exam is a renowned standard for Business Systems and Information Technology professionals. CISA certificates assist businesses in determining a candidate's professional expertise and skills for risk management, control implementation, and compliance. Furthermore, this certification exam evaluates your experience and provides the necessary abilities to advance your profession.

What are the requirements for taking the CISA exam?/ Who is eligible for the CISA exam?

The provider of the CISA certificate is the information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). ISACA specifies basic professional and academic qualifications for candidates interested in IT security in order to obtain CISA certification. Candidates must fulfill the criteria of at least 4,000 practical hours of work exposure in information systems, security, and controls. Candidates are advised to have a maximum of one year of auditing, security, and control experience combined with one year of full-time experience in information systems.

About CISA Exam

What is the syllabus of the CISA exam? 

The CISA covers the following domains; 

  • The Information Systems Audit Process: the design, execution, and reporting of IS audits.
  • IT Governance and Management: CISAs supervise and analyze IT departments' structures, policies, and processes.
  • Acquisition, Development, and Deployment of Information Systems: CISAs frequently serve as project managers while implementing IT systems.
  • Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience: The position includes the maintenance and service management of established information systems.
  • Information Asset Protection: CISAs must identify and recommend methods that actively address cyber hazards.

What is the registration process for the CISA exam?

The registration process is simple. You can register for the exam by the below-mentioned steps;

  • Choose your certification exam (CISA).
  • Create an account by signing in. (Please check to see if there are PSI test locations near you before registering for the exam.)
  • Finish the registration process.

What is the CISA passing score?

The CISA exam is scored in a range of 200-800 marks. Candidates must score 450 (out of 800) or higher to qualify for the exam and get the certificate. 

What is the exam duration?

You have to answer 150 objective questions in 4 hours. 

What is the cost of the CISA?

You must sign up for the CISA exam. Early registration costs $415 for ISACA members and $545 for non-members. Final registration is $465 for members and $595 for non-members, and this cost may be very a little bit.

What is the retake policy for exams?

A candidate who fails the exam and wishes to retake it must wait 30 days from the date of the unsuccessful attempt. Candidates for the CISA exam can only have three attempts per year.

In which language CISA exam can be taken?

You can choose one language at your convenience: English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. 

How can I pass the CISA exam on the first attempt?

If you are eligible to write the exam for CISA certification and have prior experience in the required fields, the exam will not be challenging. To ensure success in the ISACA CISA certification exam, we recommend taking an authorized training course, taking practice tests, and gaining hands-on experience.

What are the resources I can prefer for the CISA exam?

You can prepare for the CISA exam by following ISACA's resources. ISACA provides a Questions, Answers, and Answers Database, a CISA-specific preparation forum, an online review course, and an eBook of study materials to help to aspire CISAs prepare for the exam. ISACA also launched the Review Manual, which is revised regularly and is by far the most prominent of these resources. 

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