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Frequently Asked Questions – GCP

Oct 27, 20196 mins readAmit Masih
Frequently Asked Questions – GCP

Frequently Asked Questions –GCP

What is GCP? 

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is a public cloud vendor like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Customers can utilize GCP and other cloud vendors to access computer resources stored in Google's data centers across the world for free or on a salary basis. GCP also provides a spectrum of computing services (more than 100), ranging from GCP financial management to information management to web and video delivery over the cloud to AI and machine learning capabilities.

What are primary Google Cloud Platform services?

GCP provides various services, but here are a few examples: computing and hosting, storage and database, networking, big data, and machine learning.

What information do I need to know to get Google Cloud Platform certified?

Google Cloud platform certificate does not require knowledge about only Google services or products. You may also have to perform activities that employ non-Google products. That is, you will almost certainly be asked examination questions that have little to do with Google. Even if they do, they will still include non-Google services. And this is because, as previously said, each certification is inspired by a real Job Task Analysis. And no regular job is entirely dependent on Google. To succeed in any GCP exam, you must be able to deal with standard industry technology and best practices.

What is a GCP Certification?

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification is a Google-issued formal certification that certifies a candidate's technical talents, knowledge, and advanced technologies in cloud computing. It will also help you gain higher-level roles in reputed companies. Role-based certifications from Google Cloud assess an individual's ability to perform a specified job using Google Cloud computing. The understanding, skills, and abilities necessary for each employment post are extensively examined using industry-standard procedures. 

Is it worthwhile to obtain a GCP certification?

Yes, getting GCP certification is worth it. IT firms are restructuring their teams in order to have a resource skilled in cloud technologies. With these qualifications in hand, things get a lot easier within the organization, or the candidature becomes a little stronger if looking outside.

Why is the GCP Certification Important?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the best products of Google, which has supported the change and development of the world. The upcoming Google 20 Years earlier marked the start of a new age of revolution, ending the limits to sharing information and knowledge. Google helped cross political, cultural, and social boundaries to bring the actual fact before the people. Now, Google is facilitating an information system's learning and development process.

What are the different GCP certification levels?

Google provides GCP certifications on three levels:

  • Foundational - This level of certification "validates a broad understanding of cloud concepts as well as Google Cloud products, services, tools, features, benefits, and use cases." This certification is intended for persons in technical professions who would benefit from understanding the fundamentals of cloud computing.
  • Associate -- This is an excellent beginning point for individuals pursuing Professional certifications, as it covers the "basic abilities of deploying, managing, and administering projects on Google Cloud."
  • Professional - Each Professional-level certification focuses on a particular advanced position. Google's certificates are all pretty broad in scope. Still, the Professionals certificates all delve considerably more profound than the Associate certificates, both the technological and the business reality around those roles.

How long is a Google Cloud certification valid?

All Google Cloud certificates are valid 2 years from the certification date unless otherwise mentioned in the whole test descriptions. To keep their certification status, candidates must recertify. You will be alerted in advance when your certification will lapse so that you may plan to recertify if necessary.

Are there prerequisites to taking a certification exam?

The answer is No. There are currently no mandatory prerequisites to take Google Cloud certification exams.

Who is eligible to take a Google Cloud certification exam?

Certification exams are open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to learn about the Google Cloud platform or pursue a career in it.  

How long does it take to get a GCP certificate?

Certification exams are open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to learn about the Google Cloud platform or pursue a career in it. 

How much does GCP certification cost?

The cost of GCP certificates ranges from $99 for the entry-level certificate to $200 for the Professional standard. The associate level exams are $125 each.

What is the validity of Google Cloud certification?

All Google Cloud Associate and Professional certificates are valid for 2 years from the date of certification. The Cloud Digital Leader credential is valid for three years after the date of certification.

What is the passing score for GCP certification?

To pass this exam, you will need A minimum score of 70 percent on the comprehensive exam.

Is the GCP exam hard?

If one is not adequately prepared, the exam can be challenging, and many questions will test one's knowledge and time management skills. Considering all these factors, the GCP certification exams can be kept under the hard category. 

What are tips for passing GCP certification exams?

The ideal strategy for passing a GCP Certification comprises:

  • Make sure you understand the core concepts of cloud computing.
  • You should have the knowledge and abilities to apply the concepts in real-world applications.
  • Capability to create a GCP architecture for effective resource utilization and quality outcomes
  • It is just as crucial to practice things as it is to learn them.
  • Try to answer questions from online practice tests.
  • Understand your roles and policies.
  • Don't give up, specifically on your first try, since life is about repeatedly trying until you do well.
  • Maintain your knowledge of the most recent technological advancements and know-how.
  • Keep yourself updated with the changes and modifications in exam patterns or syllabi by religiously following the official resources.
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