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How does PMI Ensures the Integrity of Exams? 

Nov 04, 20183 mins readAmit Masih
How does PMI Ensures the Integrity of Exams? 

PMI is a globally-recognized body that conducts several examination programs for professionals worldwide. Hence, they ensure the highest level of exam security, integrity, and validity of all their programs. They have formed an internal exam security team that coordinates with external exam security experts and vendors to maintain the integrity of the exams sponsored by them.

Their exam security team ensures that:

Individuals who qualify with their terms and conditions only are allowed to appear for the exam, pass it, and get a PMI credential.

There is no discriminatory behavior towards candidates. Highly secure exam content. 

Certification programs' policies and procedures are at par with international standards described by ISO 17024.

Examples of Misconduct during Exams

Listed below are only a few types of exam misconduct:

Not reporting the confidential information received before the exam.

Clicking exam content and questions pictures and sharing them with other people. Leaving the exam area except for scheduled break time.

Having prohibited items like paper, pen, pencil, notebook, calculator, phone, etc., on your desk.

Opting for a proxy exam. In this, you hire someone to take the exam on your behalf as a registered candidate.

Consequences of Misconduct during Exams

If the proctor detects any misconduct during the exam, your testing session will be immediately terminated. Also, the suspected misconduct is thoroughly investigated by the exam security team.

If the misconduct is proved in the investigation, PMI can take the following actions against you:

  • Your score will be canceled.
  • Your certifications will be revoked.
  • You might be banned from taking PMI exams, either permanently or for a specific period.
  • Legal action might be taken against you.

The Final Words Since the launch of the PMP online exam by PMI, there has been a significant increase in advertisements that guarantee exam clearance in one attempt. They promise to pass the exam without appearing for it. These services are fake and cheat candidates of their money most of the time. 

Hence, PMI's exam security team has found that these services deliberately prompt candidates to commit misconduct during testing sessions.

PMI, therefore, uses several detective methods to catch candidates indulging in misconduct and take appropriate action against them. According to PMI, it is a criminal offense, and they possess the right to take strict action to protect the integrity of their exams. They have publically shared their email for candidates to contact them if any third party approaches them with any offer related to exam clearance with a screenshot of the message to help them carry out further investigation.

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