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PMP Certification, PMP Preparation Guide

How Long Would It Take to Prepare for PMP Certification?

Jan 13, 20194 mins readAmit Masih
How Long Would It Take to Prepare for PMP Certification?


There is no set time for the PMP exam preparation, and it depends on your expertise level and work experience and varies from person to person. To crack the PMP exam on the first attempt, you must understand the concepts as the questions test your knowledge of real-life situations and how you handle a given situation. It is more practical-based than theory.

So memorizing alone won’t work.

For example, if you are taking the exam for the first time, then you have to go through all the rules and fulfill the eligibility criteria to take the exam. Also, you have to study and practice more to have a clear understanding of the exam format. Whereas, if you have taken the PMP exam in the past, the time invested in getting familiar is saved. 

So, there is no set rule on how much time you will need to prepare for the exam, but you can follow a procedure mentioned here to smoothen out the entire preparation process.

Steps involved in PMP Exam Preparation

  • Information Collection
  • Applying for Training
  • Studying and Practicing
  • Attempting the exam

Step #1: Information Collection

Once you make up your mind to become a PMP, the first and the most crucial step is to gather complete information about:

  • Education and work experience required
  • Training programs to complete 35 contact hours
  • Best study material available
  • Cost of the exam
  • All about PMP exams like exam topics, exam day rules, etc.

Also, make sure you do not spend much time researching these topics, and a week will be more than enough for this research.

Step #2: Applying for Training

To apply for the PMP exam, you need to complete 35 contact hours of formal project management education. Also, only contact hours from one training at a time are considered. So do not enroll in two projects simultaneously.   You can enroll for the online training or in a Bootcamp. Bootcamp generally takes 3-4 days to complete, whereas, in an online program, you can access the course for a longer duration. So, it is recommended not to wait for so long to complete your PMP training, even if you can access the course for a more extended period. Do not invest more than a week in this.

Step #3: Studying and Practicing

It is the stage where you need to focus and spend maximum time. There are various study materials available that you can refer to. 

You can read a detailed guide about the best study materials available for the PMP exam.

Once you have studied well, now is the time to practice mock tests. They are designed on actual exam patterns and are necessary to attempt to know more about your strong and weak areas. You come to know about the gaps in your preparation and revise accordingly to fill the gaps.

You can enroll in PMP exam simulators to test your knowledge.

Read: Benefits of PMP Exam Simulators

Devote at least three months to prepare for the exam as there is a lot of information for you to understand and practice. Try to invest 3-4 hours in studying each day.

Also, never make the mistake of applying for the exam soon after completing your training. If you attempt the exam without practice, you might not pass the exam.

So, plan a realistic study routine for the PMP exam preparation, clear your concepts, practice, and then apply for the exam.

Step #4: Attempting the Exam

It is the final stage, and it is the day you have been waiting for for so long. Maintain your calm, do not stress, attempt your exam wholeheartedly, give your best shot, and try to pass it.

The Final Words

To pass the PMP exam, you need to prepare well. Three months of preparation in which you spend 3-4 hours per day should be enough. However, you can increase or decrease the study time as per your situation. 

Do not spend more than three months as you might lose interest and give up. Also, spending less time on preparation is not recommended.

Have you ever attempted the PMP exam?

If yes, what was your study routine, and how much time did you invest in the preparation?

Do share your experiences in the comments below to help aspiring candidates.

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