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Azure Fundamental Certification

Is Azure Fundamental Certification Worth It? -A Comprehensive Guide: AZ-900

Jul 05, 202010 mins readAmit Masih
Is Azure Fundamental Certification Worth It? -A Comprehensive Guide: AZ-900

What is the significance of Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's largest cloud platform, and it's developing at a breakneck pace among those in the IT industry. We are now in the cloud computing era, with most major organizations using Microsoft Azure. Any credential or expertise related to the Azure cloud platform can assist you in progressing in your career massively. Azure Fundamentals is an in-demand skill that can be used to educate for several other Azure-based or related certifications, but it is not a precondition for either of them or is dependent on them.

The Azure Fundamentals exam is one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge of cloud ideas. It advocates your efficiency with Azure services, Azure workloads, Azure security, privacy, and Azure pricing and support to get a deeper grasp of how the cloud works. The key technical artifact, which include the ideas of storage, networking, cloud computing, seamless application support, and complete application development, are some other aspects of Azure fundaments.

What are Azure Data Fundamentals certifications?

The various levels of Azure fundamental certificates cover the fundamentals of the Azure cloud, making them an excellent place to start for newcomers to the Azure ecosystem. One of these is the AZ-900: Microsoft certified Azure fundamentals. To obtain this credential, you must pass the AZ-900 exam. The AZ-900 is a challenging exam to pass, even though it is a foundational exam. This exam tests your fundamental understanding of cloud concepts and Azure administrators. This exam will confirm their Azure Cloud services knowledge and prepare them for the subsequent Azure role-based certifications. People with both technical and non-technical backgrounds can study for it.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals with expertise with Azure services to demonstrate your understanding of key Azure principles such as multiple services, pricing, security, administration, and support. Computing, Storage, Networking, App services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Integration, and Security are also accessible with Azure services.

Worth of Azure Data fundamental certification

The significance of any Azure certification may be attributed to the fact that cloud-based services will continue to grow in popularity, and Microsoft Azure certified employees would be in great demand all around the world. Microsoft offers several certifications through which you can become Microsoft Certified: The basics of Azure Data. Obtaining this certification is quite beneficial. This certification will create opportunities for anyone searching for a career in this field, allowing them to secure high-paying cloud jobs with reputable and leading firms.

Why Choose Azure Data Fundamentals Certification?

The Azure Data Fundamentals Certification aims to provide applicants with a thorough understanding of how data is maintained in the Azure cloud. This certification also teaches applicants how to use other Azure services to work with this notion. You will most likely be able to seek associate-level certifications after acquiring the Azure data fundamental certification.

Possessing this certificate will make you eligible for higher levels of certificates such as Data Fundamentals certification, and students can pursue Azure Data Engineer and Azure Database Administrator certificates. So, by going ahead with the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals certificate that is also known as DP-100, you can be the one who can bag any job easily, even if the case of so many competitors. This certificate will make your resume considerable.

What are the eligibility criteria for AZ-900?

According to Microsoft, this exam aims to show foundational knowledge of cloud computing and how they are presented with Azure. There is no requirement for prior technical IT experience. The exam is open to candidates with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

What skills are measured during the exam?

The exam covers a wide spectrum of topics in the exam. The following section lists the major modules' respective weightage percentages in the exam. The subtopics of every module have also been listed, so you get deep knowledge of the syllabus outline.

Describe Cloud Concepts (15-20%)

  • Describe the advantages of using cloud services
  • Describe the differential factors of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Describe the differences between Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud models

Describe Core Azure Services (30-35%)

  • Describe the core Azure architectural components
  • Describe some of the core products available in Azure
  • Describe some of the solutions available on Azure
  • Describe Azure management tools

Describe Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (25-30%)

  • Describe securing network connectivity in Azure
  • Describe core Azure Identity services
  • Describe security tools and features of Azure
  • Describe Azure governance methodologies
  • Describe monitoring and reporting options in Azure
  • Describe privacy, compliance, and data protection standards in Azure

Describe Azure Pricing, Service Level Agreements, and Lifecycles (20-25%)

  • Describe Azure subscriptions
  • Describe planning and management of costs
  • Describe Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Understand service lifecycle in Azure

About Exam Format of AZ-900

The AZ-900 test is for beginners and does not cover any one of the Azure professions. After earning the AZ-900, you can pursue more specialized certifications. This exam is not essentially required to get higher-level certificates, but the knowledge can benefit you in chasing them. As a result, before you get into the step-by-step guide to preparation for this exam, it's good to get a quick summary of the exam.

The AZ-900 exam will feature 40 to 60 questions. The exam is supposed to be completed in 85 minutes. This exam can be attempted in any language of your choice. The qualifying score for the exam will be 700 on a scale of 100 to 1000. The best feature of this exam is the absence of a negative marking system in the exam. So, it is better to be prepared for all the questions in the examination. The questions will be MCQ, short answers, case study, and drag & drop.

What is the retake policy of AZ-900? 

If you fail the exam the first time, due to any reason no need to worry. The next attempt can only be taken after 24 hours. Unfortunately, if you again fail on the second attempt, you will have to wait 14 days before attempting it the third time. You can get 5 attempts in a year to appear for exam AZ-900.

How much do you have to spend for AZ-900?

The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam will cost you at least USD 99.

How to schedule AZ-900?

As AZ-900 is an online but proctored exam, you can schedule it at your convenience. Once you feel confident about your knowledge and skills of Azure fundamental, you can schedule the appointment.

If you need to abandon or reschedule your examination, you must do so at least 6 days before the scheduled exam date. There will be no cancellation fees in this case. However, the cancellation before less than five days of the scheduled exam will make you pay a small cancellation fee. In case you cancel the exam, when the time left in the scheduled exam is less than 24 hours, you will not be able to get the fee back.

How long does it take to study for Azure Fundamentals?

All you have to dedicate a few hours a week for two months consistently. You can go for training courses or practice mock tests once you know the basic terms and general Azure fundamentals. Practicing and revising the content will speed up your preparation. As the exam features basic questions, ensure you have covered all the curriculum topics.

If you have made up your mind already to progress your career with AZ-900, you should not waste your time looking at 'how to prepare' or 'from where to start. Here is the detailed guide that will help you plan your preparation. All you have to do is follow these suggestions religiously to get assured success in the exam.

Follow the Microsoft Learning Path Your first step should be reading the Microsoft Learning path by the providers of AZ-900 itself. IT has all the necessary information you should know. You'll find numerous chapters listed across the page, each with its modules, in all of these freely accessible online educational modules for the AZ-900. Each chapter focuses on a separate learning part to help you understand the concepts and fundamentals necessary to pass the exam.

Explore the Microsoft Documentations about the exam format and other details Microsoft provides a plethora of AZ-900 and Azure Fundamentals material. While a result, it is important that you prioritize them as you prepare for the examination or certification. These documents go into the ins and outs of the Azure Cloud application and concepts and all of the services that come with it. The documentation will assist you in gaining all of the conceptual understanding required to pass the exam.

Go for the Instructor-Led Training Even Microsoft suggests that you can either prepare online or attempt instructor-led training for better and deep understanding. After learning all modules, you will already have mastered all of the topics necessary to pass the AZ-900 exam. You can enroll in Microsoft's instructor-led courses if you want more in-depth training. For the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification, they offer two instructor-led courses, one day and two days, respectively. These courses will provide you with a better understanding of subjects. You may also get all of your questions answered. You can enroll in such courses through Microsoft or some other trustworthy resource.

Practice with AZ-900 Practice Exam**  Furthermore, before you appear for the exam, make sure you are familiar with the exam format and are well prepared to pass it. To do so, you should take practice examinations from some legit online platform to ensure that you know your current level of preparation. As a result, you can strengthen or maintain your preparations regimen. You can improve your accuracy and time management in the exam.  

You have the option to go with the proxy exam  The proxy exams are a boon that ensures success in the exam with good qualifying scores. 

This is the preparation process you should undertake in order to pass the AZ-900 test. Every ounce of knowledge you gather will assist you in obtaining this certification and advancing your profession.

How to Schedule the AZ-900 Examination?

Once you are done with your preparation, you can schedule the exam with a date of our convenience.

The Microsoft Portal is where you should go. Once you've mastered all of the preparatory tactics, click this link to be redirected to the dedicated website. When you're finished with your studies, you can arrange your exam by going to the 'schedule exam' section noted below.

In nutshell

The need for Azure professionals is increasing exponentially. The raising charm of Azure is the main reason behind this. It is a great time to enter the field. Even if you are new to the technical world, there is no need to panic.

Microsoft provides some basic certificates to help you get jobs in the industry as an Azure professional. The already established Azure specialist suggests starting with the basic certificates, and then to get better jobs or better increment, you can further explore other certificates of Azure such as an associate or expert level.

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