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CCIE Certification

Is Cisco's CCIE Certification Still Relevant in 2022's IT World?

Feb 10, 20195 mins readAmit Masih
Is Cisco's CCIE Certification Still Relevant in 2022's IT World?

Knowledge is the key to success. And in this competitive era, certifications and degrees play a vital role in your career advancement. If you are an IT professional and want to make a career in the networking field, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is the undisputed leader.

It has ruled the networking industry for several decades as the most sought-after and knowledge-based certification.

Professionals globally long to earn it. However, due to rapid changes in the IT field, do you think Cisco’s CCIE certification is still relevant?

Let us go through its benefits and drawbacks before we arrive at any conclusion.

Advantages of CCIE Certification

Networking Industry Leader

When it comes to networking, Cisco is the market leader. Though its market share has declined a bit as per the latest statistics, they still lead in the networking services requests. It is one of the oldest companies and has served the IT industry for several decades now. Various top banks, government organizations, and essential ports worldwide rely on its services. So getting CCIE certified in present times will open up doors to several high-paying job opportunities globally.

First Choice of Hiring Managers

Hiring managers believe that CCIE certification holders are experts in the networking domain. This certification covers all the networking concepts, making you an expert. Organizations face several issues while handling networking technology, and it might require the network to be re-architected, which a CCIE certificate holder can only do.

No Alternative Launched till Date

Many experts doubt the relevance of CCIE certification, but there is no alternative to it. Though a few other networking certificates are present, none of them covers a wide range of topics such as CCIE. Also, CCIE comes from a globally-recognized brand Cisco, making it one of the most sought-after networking certifications in the market.

Up-to-date Curriculum

Cisco is aware of the fast-paced changes taking place in the IT field. And therefore, it takes every measure to implement changes in the curriculum to make it acceptable in the present technological and business world. Hence in the CCIE test, a section called ‘arising technologies’ has been added that tests your knowledge about network programmability, IoT, pall computing, and other emerging technologies.

Drawbacks of CCIE Certification

Despite so many advantages CCIE certification offers, there are a few drawbacks that you must be aware of.

Comprehensive and Expensive

As a working professional, if you aim for this certification, you need to devote several months to complete this course and shell out a considerable amount of money. Due to your busy work schedule, you might find it quite stressful to complete. Every day you have to devote many hours to studying. Also, the certification is divided into written and lab parts. You can appear for the written exam at any center, and for lab tests, you have to visit any of the nine Cisco centers present worldwide. So unless you are sure about completing it, do not opt for it.

High Exam Difficulty-level

CCIE certification is very popular among hiring managers as it is the only networking certification covering a vast range of topics. Also, due to its comprehensive nature, there is no fixed syllabus. You cannot judge from where you will get questions related to networking. You have to be familiar with all the networking concepts and keep your knowledge updated about the current advancements in the IT and networking field. It can result in stress, and you may fall ill and deteriorate your health. So make a calculated decision whether you need to get CCIE certified or not.

Varied Job Openings

There is no doubt that the CCIE certification badge offers you a plethora of high-paying job opportunities. But everyone can get such jobs is not the reality. The advanced knowledge you gain boosts your career prospects. However, showcasing your talent and earning a handsome salary is only possible if you get the opportunity to work with the right company that genuinely requires your expertise. You often might face a situation where despite having a CCIE credential, you have to accept low-paying jobs that hardly need CCIE certification qualification.

Is CCIE Certification still Relevant in 2022’s IT World?

Now you have come across the advantages and disadvantages of a CCIE certification. It comes with several benefits that help you boost your career. Despite this, there are a few drawbacks also. However, there is no one answer to whether you should opt for this certification or not. It varies from person to person and entirely depends on your career choice and personal preferences.

Also, before making any decision, you should be clear that there is no other certification like CCIE. So, if you think you can gain some other credential and enjoy similar benefits, you are wrong.

So if you seriously want to make a career in the networking industry and show your prospective employers your dedication to your profession, you can consider acquiring this certificate.

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