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AWS SysOps Administrator

Is the AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Worth It?

Oct 10, 20216 mins readAmit Masih
Is the AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Worth It?

There is no doubt that the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam is one of the most challenging exams that a candidate can take, as it tests the candidate's understanding of the operational aspects of the AWS platform.

As both companies and candidates alike will find the certification to be extremely valuable, professionals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Amazon Web Services platform and strengthen their skills will significantly benefit from the certification.

Here you will learn more about the exam, the cost, eligibility, what it takes to pass the exam, and many other things you need to be aware of.

What is the AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate certification?

As an associate-level credential, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator credential validates the candidate's knowledge and skills regarding deploying, managing and operating workloads on the AWS platform.

There is no doubt that the certification is one of the most popular associate certifications available today and is regarded as among the hardest to achieve.

This certification offers excellent recognition for those who use Amazon Web Services technologies to work in the SysOps cloud or DevOps role. SOA-C02 is a new exam version that incorporates multiple choice and multiple response questions along with labs.

Time: The candidates will be given 180 minutes to complete the exam. Cost: The certification cost is 150 USD. Score: The passing score is 720 points. Questions: 65 multiple-choice, multiple-response

As part of the exam, candidates must also prove that they are capable of dealing with the following tasks:

  • Support and maintain AWS workloads in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Manage AWS resources using the AWS Management Console and the AWS Command Line Interface
  • Implement security controls to meet compliance requirements
  • Monitor, log, and troubleshoot systems
  • Apply networking concepts (for example, DNS, TCP/IP, firewalls)
  • Implement architectural requirements (for example, high availability, performance, capacity)
  • Perform business continuity and disaster recovery procedures
  • Identify, classify, and remediate incidents

AWS SysOps Administrator Jobs

Depending on their skills and qualifications, these AWS-certified professionals can work in many different job profiles around the globe.

The following are a few examples of job profiles you might encounter:

  • AWS SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Admin
  • Senior SysOps Administrator
  • AWS Solutions Engineer
  • Server Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Admin
  • AWS Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Certified Full Stack Engineer

AWS SysOps Administrator Roles and Responsibilities

There are several roles and responsibilities associated with working as an AWS SysOps Administrator, including:

  • Installing software updates on servers and applications
  • Monitoring performance and implementing optimizations
  • Automating repetitive tasks on managed servers
  • Deploying and managing infrastructure
  • Estimating costs and identifying cost control measures
  • Migrating workloads from on-premises to the cloud

In the world of cloud computing, SysOps and DevOps are closely related roles with a broad range of responsibilities. A SysOps administrator is responsible for the operations, management, and development of systems, while a DevOps administrator is in charge of the development and operation of those systems.

Exam modules

Here you have a quick overview of the domains covered in the AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate certification exam.

Domain 1: Monitoring, Logging, and Remediation (20%)

  • Implement metrics, alarms, and filters by using AWS monitoring and logging services
  • Remediate issues based on monitoring and availability metrics

Domain 2: Reliability and Business Continuity (16%)

  • Implement scalability and elasticity
  • Implement high availability and resilient environments
  • Implement backup and restore strategies

Domain 3: Deployment, Provisioning, and Automation (18%)

  • Provision and maintain cloud resources
  • Automate manual or repeatable processes

Domain 4: Security and Compliance (16%)

  • Implement and manage security and compliance policies
  • Implement data and infrastructure protection strategies

Domain 5: Networking and Content Delivery (18%)

  • Implement networking features and connectivity
  • Configure domains, DNS services, and content delivery
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues

Domain 6: Cost and Performance Optimization (16%)

  • Implement cost optimization strategies
  • Implement performance optimization strategies

How difficult is the AWS SysOps certification?

In addition to the SysOps Administrator certification, which is one of the most demanding associate-level AWS certifications, the new SOA-C02 exam just got harder due to the addition of an exam lab section.

To succeed in this exam, you will definitely need a thorough understanding of Amazon Web Services. You must be familiar with how AWS works and capable of configuring, managing, and monitoring AWS resources in order to pass the certification exam.

There are many things to learn when taking an AWS SysOps certification. It is more than a certification; it is an entire program designed to prepare you for all aspects of managing an AWS environment.

Who is the AWS SysOps Administrator certification for?

This AWS SysOps Administrator certification is intended for those who wish to learn more about managing and deploying applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.

It is targeted at systems administrators, operations managers, as well as professionals involved in DevOps roles. Moreover, IT professionals who wish to change their careers to become system administrators may also take this certification.

Does the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate expire?

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certification is valid for three years from the date you pass the exam.

However, if you wish to recertify the certification within that time period, you will need to pass either the Professional-level certification exam or retake the Associate-level certification exam.

Is the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator worth it?

Amazon has become one of the most successful cloud computing platforms over the past few years, and as more companies attempt to transition from on-premises to cloud computing, the number of job opportunities is increasing.

There is no doubt that earning this certification is going to be a worthwhile endeavor since this is one of the most highly respected credentials because it is so challenging to achieve.


What is the passing score for the AWS SysOps Admin exam?

All AWS certification exams have a score range of 100 to 1000. In order to obtain the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification, you must score 720 (72%). You will be given two sections on the exam: multiple-choice questions and lab exercises. 80% of the overall exam score is attributed to multiple choice questions and 20% to exam labs.

Who should do the AWS SysOps Administrator certification?

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate certification is ideal for professionals working in system operations and administrator roles. It'll help you gain the credibility, confidence, and skills needed in such roles.

How much is the AWS SysOps exam fee?

In order to take the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam, you will need to pay USD 150.

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