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CompTIA A+

Is the CompTIA A+ Worth It? Overview 2021

Feb 21, 20216 mins readAmit Masih
Is the CompTIA A+ Worth It? Overview 2021

CompTIA A+ needs no introduction. That being said, the CompTIA A+ has been around for over 25 long years.

In addition, in recent years, CompTIA A+ has been recognized as one of the hottest certifications when it comes to supporting today's core technologies, from mobile devices and networking technology to virtualization to cloud computing and more.

Moreover, to begin your career in IT with CompTIA A+ certification, knowing every possible thing about the A+ exam is extremely important.

Thus, in this article, you will get to know whether taking CompTIA A+ certification is the right option or not.   

What is CompTIA A+ certification exam?

CompTIA A+ is one of the finest and renowned certifications in the ever-evolving IT sector. CompTIA, the organization that designed the A+, focuses on generalized IT and computer hardware and software support systems.

The CompTIA A+ certification exam came into the limelight back in 1993. At that time, most people did not understand what IT was. In addition, other areas of technology, for example, cyber security, were not yet developed.

CompTIA is constantly updating with new IT concepts, trends, and modern IT cultures such as cloud and security as technology is changing and booming. However, CompTIA A+ focuses primarily on general IT troubleshooting, which is known as a repair-based certification.

However, the CompTIA A+ certification exam is the gateway certification for core professionals to make their foray into the field of information technology.

To know more about the CompTIA A+ exam, keep on reading. 


CompTIA A+ exam details

Number of exams to earn certification - 2 Number of Questions - Up to 90 in each exam Question Type - Multiple choice, drag and drop and PDQ Test Length - 90 minutes each exam Scoring - 675 and 700 out of 900 Recommended Experience - 9-12 months hands-on in IT Required Prerequisite - None Suggested Prerequisite - 6 months or more of hands-on experience with hardware and software

Key skill areas of the CompTIA A+ exam

  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Mobile Devices
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Operational Procedures

CompTIA A+ (220-1101) Exam Domains

CompTIA A+ (220-1101 exam code) covers the PC hardware and peripherals, mobile devices, networking technology, cloud computing, and virtualization.

The main focus of the CompTIA A+ certification exam is on troubleshooting hardware or connectivity problems. 

The CompTIA A+ certification exam (220-1101) is divided into five domains or topics. 

Domain 1.0 – Mobile Devices (15%) Domain 2.0 – Networking (20%) Domain 3.0 – Hardware (25%) Domain 4.0 – Virtualization and Cloud Computing (11%) Domain 5.0 – Hardware and Network Troubleshooting (29%)

CompTIA A+ (220-1002) Exam Domains

CompTIA A+ (220-1102 exam code) covers installing and configuring operating systems, methods to secure mobile devices, practice for small office/home office (SOHO) wireless and wired networks, application installing and configuring concepts, software troubleshooting, and standard operating procedures. 

The CompTIA A+ certification exam (220-1102) is divided into four domains or topics. 

Domain 1.0 – Operating Systems (31%) Domain 2.0 – Security (25%) Domain 3.0 – Software Troubleshooting (22%) Domain 4.0 – Operational Procedures (22%)

Who can take the CompTIA A+ exam?

CompTIA designed the A+ exam for support technician roles; for example, help desk technician, technical support specialist, field service technician, and similar support roles.

The CompTIA A+ certification exam is intended for IT professionals who deal with "endpoint management and technical support roles." 

Since CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification, professionals who want to start their career in the information technology field can take the CompTIA A+ certification exam. 

What experience is required to sit for the CompTIA A+?

Unlike other cybersecurity and networking IT certification, there are no official prerequisites to sit for the CompTIA A+ exam.

However, CompTIA recommends having at least 9-12 months of hands-on experience in a help desk support technician, desktop support technician, field service technician job role, or relevant knowledge and skills. 

What is the cost of the CompTIA A+?

CompTIA A+ exam will cost you $232 per exam, meaning that the complete cost to earn the CompTIA A+ is $464 (if you pass both exams in one go).

On the other side, there are always some discounts and training vouchers available that you can avail yourself of in order to save money. 

Is the CompTIA A+ hard?

Is the CompTIA A+ certification exam hard? - This question is frequently asked by A+ test takers and new candidates.

Since the CompTIA A+ is an entry-level core certification, the A+ exam can be a challenging exam for new takers to pass due to the amount of in-depth and detailed information technology concepts involved.

However, professionals who are working in organizations, managing and managing networks, and troubleshooting may find the A+ exam relatively straightforward due to their practical experience in the same domain.

Thus, a well-structured study plan and hard work can help you crack the A+ exam in the very first attempt itself.

How long is the CompTIA A+ good for?

Unlike other CompTIA certifications, A+ is also good for three years from the date you pass your certification exam. So in the case of expiration, you can renew the A+ certification by earning CEUs or retaining the exam.

Also, earning a high level of certification such as CompTIA Network+ will be a good decision in order to continue your growth in the IT sector. 

Which positions would benefit from the CompTIA A+?

If you are willing to start your career in the information and technology field, CompTIA A+ can add an extra layer of credibility to your overall career. 

Here you will read which positions can benefit from the CompTIA A+ certification exam:   

  • IT support specialist
  • Help desk technician
  • Field service technician
  • Tier I support specialist
  • Desktop support specialist
  • Associate network engineer
  • Systems support technician
  • Junior systems administrator

Advance your career with CompTIA A+ certification

The CompTIA A+ certification is an excellent choice for many entry-level core jobs in the information technology sector. Jobs like Field Service Technician and Help Desk Technician with CompTIA A+ certification are a great start.

Thus, if you also like to work in the technology field in computer support roles, then CompTIA A+ vendor-neutral certification may be the right choice to help you get your desired job.


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