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Microsoft AZ-900

Is the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Worth It? -A Detailed Guide

Jul 12, 20206 mins readAmit Masih
Is the Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Worth It? -A Detailed Guide

What is AZ-900?

Azure-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamental is the early-career IT certification that enables you to learn basics of the cloud concepts. AZ-900 is the exam that proves the candidate's knowledge of various tools and concepts of Azure platform. The features included are privacy, cloud ideas, Azure services, Azure workloads, and Azure support and price.

If you possess this certificate that clearly advocates Azure-related principles that includes but are not restricted to networking, storage, computing, application support, and application development. Above mentioned features are necessary to have if you want to enter a profession related to Azure.

Who is the target audience of AZ-900? 

The AZ-900 exam is for students who are new to the Azure platform and are just getting started with cloud-based solutions and services. Candidates for the AZ-900 exam may benefit from having a solid understanding of cloud services and how they integrate with Microsoft Azure.

The Azure Fundamentals certification, also known as the AZ-900, is not a prerequisite for any other Azure examinations; however, it can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based or specialist certifications.

This exam is a best-to-go-with option if you are one of the following;

A candidate who has no experience working on cloud computing platforms before.

The candidate who has just entered the cloud computing industry or those who have no idea about how his employment will pan out for the roles in question. If the candidate is familiar with cloud computing but has no immersive experiences utilizing Azure.

The candidate is an on-premises administrator or architect who wants to go to the cloud or the one who wants to turn his career toward this field.

What is the worth of Azure-900 or Azure Fundamental Certification?

A candidate with cloud computing experience who is unsure about pursuing an AZ-900 career can read the following points to learn more about the certification's many benefits that make it really worthwhile to possess. The AZ-900 Exam Validates Your Basic Azure Knowledge and it brings charms to your portfolio.

The AZ-900 certification, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, is tailored to applications just getting started in cloud computing. Irrespective of whether the participant has an IT context, the certification will significantly benefit them.    A person would have to know whether he has chosen the correct field to advance. An applicant must have a strong foundation and the ability to upgrade and improve those skills. With the AZ-900 exam, you can learn the foundation-level phrases used in the industry, which will help you, build a solid foundation for your future profession. Being certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900 is a fantastic way to prepare for associate-level certifications.

Rewarding career  As per statistics certified IT professionals earn more than non-certified candidates. If a candidate is AZ-900 certified in Azure Fundamentals, he can take on more responsibilities in his current position, and the chances are more if he works for a cloud computing company.

For example, an AZ-900 certified individual can mentor other team members or other teams in the organization who are naïve to Azure in order to gain a promotion and a higher pay scale. According to Global Knowledge, the Azure Fundamentals qualification helps workers receive an average wage of $126,653 in 2020.

A new and In-demand skill development Developing skill at any phase in life is always a good idea. If you pursue this exam, you are learning a skill that will upgrade you career-wise.   

Opens up new career options The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification follows the Microsoft role-based certification path, and it emphasizes activities such as administration, development, and security; the second covers data and Azure AI. This certification can fulfill the eligibility criteria to get other higher certificates related to Azure.

Depending on one's professional path, the individual may become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert or a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. As Azure Fundamentals, the AZ-900 certification provides possibilities for your future employment.

A candidate must select and follow the path that makes sense to his passion and needs. The AZ-900 will provide you with the ability to make informed decisions.

Many employers and employees prefer certified individuals for specific job roles, and passing the AZ-900 distinguishes you from the competition. Although the AZ-900 certification is not a requirement for employment, it can help you stand out from the crowd.

About the exam pattern of Az-900

The 60-minute exam charges only 99 dollars for the exam format, yet it could be precious. A candidate must answer 40-60 multiple-choice questions within this time frame. To accomplish the AZ-900 exam, a candidate must create a timetable and stick to it until the exam day.  

How to prepare for Az-900

Assess the exam syllabus: The syllabus of any exam holds all the secrets to qualify it. Before jumping into the preparation or scheduling exam, carefully examine the syllabus. You are suggested not to forget to check the weightage of the topics. It will help you to plan the preparation. The topic which holds high weightage is supposed to be prepared well. 

Cover the entire syllabus adequately: AZ-900 is an introductory level certification, but that does not mean it is straightforward to clear. The syllabus deals with various aspects of the Microsoft cloud. A candidate must fully know all the syllabus areas to succeed in the AZ-900 exam.

Microsoft Offers Training for the AZ-900 Exam: Microsoft is known for the value it provides. To help the aspirants, Microsoft has launched two courses that can make you aware of all about Azure. Those two courses are- AZ-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and AZ-900T01-A: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

Check your efficiency:  You can solve practice exams. You also have the option to go for proxy exams. Try to solve practice tests for AZ-900 and check your efficiency, accuracy, and time management. This technique of self-evaluation enables you to learn about your weak points and strengths so you can furnish them.  

Take Away Message

The Azure professionals have gained immense popularity over the years, and many organizations promote and seek experienced and expert Azure professionals. If you plan to enter any reputed organization as Azure Expert, Azure Fundamental Exam opens the door as it trains how to use various cloud-based services and lands an excellent job in the leading companies with competitive salary.

There are several types of Microsoft Azure Role-Based certifications, with AZ-900 being the most basic certification related to Azure. Interested individuals can choose from Microsoft's new era cloud computing system, Azure, and get expertise about it.

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