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CISA Certification Jobs

Jobs After CISA Certification: A Beginner-friendly Guide

Jul 26, 20204 mins readAmit Masih
Jobs After CISA Certification: A Beginner-friendly Guide

Clearing the CISA exam and getting certified is almost every IT auditor's dream. It opens the door to various onshore and offshore job opportunities. Only clearing the exam is not enough as you have to fulfill certain conditions to get certified. Prior work experience in auditing is mandatory.

You must identify errors in the system and suggest solutions to combat those errors successfully to land your dream job.

A CISA certification is like a badge that proves your expertise to secure your organization's information system from cyber threats.

So, if you are confused about what jobs after CISA certification you can apply for, read the complete article to clarify your doubts.

Who Should Take the CISA?

Now you might think that CISA is only for IT auditors. But if you look at the exam curriculum, you will find it deals with risk and compliance. Hence, any job role that involves analysis and management of risk and compliance is suitable for CISA certified candidates.

So here are a few jobs after CISA certification that you can take up to boost your career.

Compliance Analyst or Manager

As a compliance analyst, you have to deal with various compliance aspects, and it is your responsibility to study all details minutely. There is massive paperwork involved that needs to be extensively reviewed before finalization to ensure the correct inclusion of policies and procedures that support the compliance requirements.

Risk Analyst or Manager 

As a risk analyst or program manager, your job involves identifying and reducing risks. You analyze your organization's current and long-term business requirements to determine the occurrence of possible threats. You then formulate solutions to prevent your company's digital assets from those risks or devise strategies to reduce the impact of such threats even if they occur on the functioning of your organization.

Data Protection Manager

As a data protection manager, your main focus is to identify your organization's sensitive data and see if all the controls implemented to protect it are adequate or need improvement. You work with data owners to identify threat-prone areas and verify if the applied measures are fully functional. You must also ensure that the data is appropriately handled and safeguarded per the data protection laws.

Security Officer or Manager 

As a security officer, your role involves supervising your organization's security at all or particular levels and providing necessary feedback and guidance on the implemented security measures. It is a generalized role, and CISA certification helps you successfully handle this task. As a CISA certified professional, you have a more detailed understanding of carrying out risk and compliance auditing activities. You ensure that processes and practices are strictly followed by the staff working for them at each level.

Typical Jobs after CISA Certification

Your primary role as an IT auditor is to prevent illegal accounting activities and non-compliance within an organization. You analyze the result of the audit and report to the senior management.

Other than the above-mentioned job roles, here are a few job roles that you can look for after getting CISA certified.

  • Internal auditor
  • IT consultant
  • Public accounting auditor
  • IT audit manager
  • IS analyst
  • IT project manager
  • IT risk and assurance manager
  • Network operation security engineer
  • Cyber security professional
  • Privacy officer
  • Chief information officer

The Final Words

The benefits of clearing the CISA exam cannot be compiled in one post. There are numerous jobs after CISA certification that you can apply for. Moreover, getting certified and staying updated to maintain your certification helps you explore information technology and information systems fields. 

Now that you know what you can do with this globally-recognized prestigious credential, waste no time and start preparing for it today. 

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