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CompTIA Security+

Pass CompTIA Security+ in 30 Days: A Comprehensive Guide 

Dec 01, 20198 mins readAmit Masih
Pass CompTIA Security+ in 30 Days: A Comprehensive Guide 

CompTIA Security+ is a world-class certification exam that involves basic cybersecurity knowledge and skills that helps to pursue IT security and core networking functionality-based career options.

CompTIA Security+ certification exam goal is focused on the practical knowledge of candidates to ensure the aspirants have a wide variety of problem-solving skills. CompTIA Security+ exam is globally-recognized cybersecurity and networking problem-solving exam which is suitable for candidates who are in mid-level security jobs.

Professionals can take the Security+ certification exam for the following job profiles:

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • Penetration Tester
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Security Consultant
  • Network Security Engineer

Professionals with these job profiles have the potential to earn approximately $62k to $96k in general. Network and security professionals with real-time problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of cyber threats can do much better in this area.

Here we will discuss the best tips to succeed in the CompTIA Security+ certification exam in 30 days, which include steps to understand the domain, join various online prep courses, and access authentic study material.

Understand the domain of the exam

Before initiating the preparation, candidates must have basic knowledge of the domain, which plays a vital role in the success of this exam.

There are six domains with respective domain weightage in this certification exam as follow:

● Domain 1: Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities (21%) ● Domain 2: Technologies and tools (22%) ● Domain 3: Architecture and design (15%) ● Domain 4: Identity and access management (16%) ● Domain 5: Risk management (14%) ● Domain 6: Cryptography and PKI (12%)

Security+ exam candidates must start preparing by listing six important domains and reviewing them. Create your study notes with the help of bullet points, functionalities, and the importance of each domain. This practice will set the excellent knowledge for the rest of the subject domains and help you to remember each domain's working process. It will surely speed up your study process with deep knowledge of concepts.

Have a study plan

After listing every domain, you are expected to plan a study schedule for domains and topics accordingly. Try to avoid unrealistic and not achievable study plans because that will only put you in a situation of unnecessary pressure, and nothing will be beneficial. Candidates must schedule the study plan during the downtime and utilize most of their free time, for example, attending the technical seminar, taking practice tests, and covering the whole concept briefly.

You must consider other factors that will play an essential role in your success, as follows.

How soon are you planning to take the exam?

Candidates must be aware of the exam deadline and the preparation time. If you feel you do not have enough time to prepare, try to attempt the next session of the Security+ exam with positive results. You can check the official website for exam dates and deadlines of CompTIA Security+

How much time can one spend on the preparation and study materials?

You should seek official and authentic study material which explains the specific domains in brief and deep understanding. This may save time and ensure you achieve the highest knowledge of every concept with practical guidance.

Which method is suitable for your seamless preparation?

People have different approaches to preparing for this certification exam, like self-study, physical classes, seminars, etc. It is up to you to decide which preparation method is suitable for your best results.

How much grip do you have over the exam subject?

You can finish the course within 30 days if you plan your course most productively; attend a couple of technical seminars etc. Joining the crush course, which covers essential topics regarding Security+, will be beneficial.

Study from official course book

Candidates must always trust the study material and course content that the CompTIA Security+ course recommends. The course content will be authentic material that will be good enough to get through the exam. Candidates must have a Crystal clear understanding of questions and network and security-related concepts. Aspirants who follow guidelines and study material prescribed by CompTIA officials have better chances of clearing the exam more efficiently.

Take practice tests

Most candidates do not know about time management while attempting the question. CompTIA Security+ is an entry-level certification exam in which candidates must attempt questions as much as possible. Taking the Multiple practice tests will help you to provide a clear idea about the level of the questions asked in the exam and how much time one candidate should spend attempting the question. For a great start, Candidates are advised to take practice tests based on a single domain only.

Once you complete every domain, you will have a more expansive knowledge of every domain. Now, you are ready to give full-length practice tests to judge overall knowledge and track your progress. People can initiate the practice tests from CompTIA's official website by registering themselves for practice tests for free.

Understand your examination

CompTIA's official website has all the authentic information regarding the Security+ exam, which will help candidates to clear the exam. From these resources, candidates will also get helpful links, including technology seminars; cybersecurity training sessions from officials, examination topics with concepts, practice tests, previously asked questions, and other study materials.

CompTIA site also provides a valuable overview of the Security+ certification and a guide to crack the exam with proper time management. Some other information about the yearly cutoff, minimum score to qualify, and time allotted for the exam.

Join the preparation group online

Various Security+ exam preparation groups on the internet are essential in understanding the exam pattern, topics, and a common problem Sharing platform. In this certification exam group, you will find yourself surrounded by various aspirants who are also preparing for this exam or those quality candidates who have already cracked this particular exam.

You can get the right advice and guidance on the question and concepts and help you solve the questions. These people also share their success stories and master plan with the preparation group about how they crack the exam in less time with time management and practice tests. These factors are good enough to boost your confidence and trust in your preparation.

Get into an exam prep course

Preparation by self-study for the entry-level exam is not the best strategy, especially if you have only 30 days for the exam. You can get benefits by joining the exam prep course because there will be the chance to interact with technical instructors with extreme knowledge and a deep understanding of networks and cybersecurity.

These instructors have worked in this area for years to provide excellent study material and strategies to clear the exam. In Technical seminars and training sessions, you can put your question with the instructor and share experiences. This creates a higher chance of clearing your exam in 30 days with high scores.

Take an online Security+ training boot camp

The last 30 days before the exam are very critical because you have to plan everything to save your Valuable time. Joining the online or offline Security+ training boot camp will help you to learn about information security theories and will provide a practical session to understand the theoretical questions. Candidates who are unaware of this can join Infosec's Security+ training boot camp SYO-501 to start their productive preparation.

Leverage the free exam prep material

There are various prep courses and study material providers for CompTIA Security+ exam, and they charge much money with less quality. CompTIA Security+ certification exam practice papers are available for free for all. Candidates can access them as an initial point to track their progress and exam preparation. These study materials and practice tests will help to review the questions in the exam and also build your vision about the understanding of network and security.

Want to take the Security+ exam with CBT Proxy?

If you are interested in taking the CompTIA Security+ exam and looking for a reliable and prominent proxy examination centre, you are at the right place. We at CBT Proxy have thousands of IT certifications which we provide with a 100% pass guarantee.

Therefore, if you are a cybersecurity expert or security-related operational manager willing to add a certified CompTIA Security+ professional badge, we would like you to contact us. And one of our consultants will host you and provide you with a comprehensive guide to pass at the first attempt only.

The final words

CompTIA Security+ exam is the first entry-level certification exam that IT professionals should take. This exam provides a basic conceptual understanding of various security and network domains. It opens the doors of cyber security careers.

Candidates planning to take their career in cyber security or network security-related jobs must get this certification. You can complete your exam preparation in 30 days with strategic planning and quality study materials. To initiate the preparation, you should get information about every domain and a deep understanding of network security.

If you want to boost exam scores in minimum time, best to attempt online communities and prep courses in which you interact with technical instructors with years of experience and a deep understanding of cyber security. Attending practice tests, technical seminars, online training sessions, and boot camps will surely help you to clear this exam with high scores.

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