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SAFe Agilist Certification

SAFe Agilist (SA) Certification: Agile Success Guide

Jan 13, 20234 mins readAmit Masih
SAFe Agilist (SA) Certification: Agile Success Guide

The SAFe Agilist certification serves as the initial step for individuals to become familiar with the concepts and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework.

Obtaining this certification requires passing an exam, which can be prepared for through completing a two-day course called Leading SAFe. This course is designed for individuals who will take on leadership roles within a Lean-Agile enterprise and need to understand the framework on a strategic level.

What is Agile?

The Agile methodology has sparked a significant shift in the industry, helping teams to create top-notch products that meet customer needs. Furthermore, it provides valuable solutions and addresses challenges effectively. Now widely adopted as the norm, the popularity of Agile has led to a growing demand for certifications such as Scaled Agile certification.

What is the SAFe Agilist certification (SA)?

The SAFe Agilist certification is an introductory level certification for professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to use the Scaled Agile Framework and Lean methodologies and handle product development in large organizations using the SAFe model.

This certification is suitable for professionals such as development, QA, and infrastructure managers, executives, managers, directors, program managers, product and project managers, product line managers, portfolio managers, PMOs, and enterprise, system, and solution architects.

With this certification, you can prove your proficiency in planning and implementing value-based programs using Agile Release Trains and Lean-Agile budgeting to build an Agile portfolio in a large enterprise using SAFe and an Agile transformation model.

Leading SAFe

Leading SAFe delves into the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and its core principles, which are derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, design thinking, Lean Portfolio Management, and DevOps. It also equips Lean-Agile leaders with the knowledge required to support and participate in PI Planning events and to understand the work of one or multiple Agile Release Trains (ARTs).

A SAFe Agilist is equipped with the skills to effectively use Lean, Agile, and Product Development Flow principles to improve productivity, employee satisfaction, time-to-market, and quality. They know how to implement SAFe in an organization and leverage its benefits to achieve their desired goals. As a SAFe Agilist, you will understand the interactions between Agile teams, Agile programs, and Agile Portfolio management.

Why become a SAFe Agilist (SA)?

A SAFe Agilist has specialized knowledge on revamping the existing agile product development system. They can seamlessly integrate agile portfolio management into a streamlined organization that consistently delivers value to stakeholders and customers in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, SAFe Agilist demonstrates their expertise by implementing the Scaled Agile Framework, lean thinking, and product development flow principles in a business setting to effectively guide the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework within their organization.

What does a SAFe Agilist do?

Assisting in the implementation:

A vital role of a successful SAFe Agilist is to provide guidance and support for the successful adoption and ongoing development of SAFe within an enterprise.

Facilitating innovation:

A SAFe Agilist plays a crucial role in helping shape a company's vision and objectives, effectively communicating strategic agreements. They facilitate innovation for stakeholders and internal teams by responding to their needs.


A SAFe Agilist helps employees grow their skills and advance in their careers by empowering them, encouraging them to maximize their potential, and becoming more committed to their and the company's vision and goals.

SAFe Agilist certification: who should take it?

Generally speaking, the SAFe Agilist certification course is suitable for professionals who work in the following roles: Enterprise Solution Architects, Executives, Managers, and Directors, Process Leads and Portfolio Managers, Product Managers, Project Managers, and Development and Infrastructure Managers.

Additionally, anyone interested in gaining knowledge about enterprise-level Agile transformation should consider becoming SAFe Agilist certified.

The final verdict

Earning the SAFe Agilist certification can be easy with prior Scrum experience or experience implementing SAFe in a company. The exam is considered challenging.

However, with the help of CBT Proxy, a reputable proxy exam center with over 10 years of experience, you can pass the exam on your first try. To learn more about the process, click the chat button below, and one of our guides will contact you to provide assistance.

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