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CIS-Discovery Certification

ServiceNow CIS-Discovery Certification: A Guide (2023)

May 08, 20234 mins readAmit Masih
ServiceNow CIS-Discovery Certification: A Guide (2023)

ServiceNow experts play a crucial role in successfully implementing and maintaining the platform. As more and more organizations rely on ServiceNow to streamline their operations and improve their services, the demand for skilled administrators and implementers is higher than ever. ServiceNow certification equips professionals with the tools and techniques to confidently do great work, improve performance, and discover new ways to achieve organizational goals.

The need for ServiceNow developers is on the rise. Individuals gain the knowledge and confidence to fully utilize the ServiceNow platform by obtaining a ServiceNow certification. Through training and certification programs, participants learn to build applications by creating application tables, designing and implementing forms, managing access, and incorporating workflows into their applications.

What is the ServiceNow CIS-Discovery certification?

The ServiceNow CIS-Discovery exam tests a candidate’s ability to configure, administer, implement, and support the Discovery application within the ServiceNow platform. By passing this exam, candidates demonstrate they have the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in these tasks. The exam is open to ServiceNow, anyone interested in becoming a ServiceNow Implementer or Administrator.

The CIS-Discovery certification lays the foundation for advanced infrastructure operations management. Using sensors, probes, and discovery patterns, this ITOM application captures IP-enabled configuration items (CIs) and maps their relationships and dependencies in your ServiceNow CMDB.

CIS-Discovery certification exam format

The CIS-Discovery exam is a 90-minute test that consists of 45 questions. Each question on the exam has multiple possible answers, and it’s up to the candidate to review the options and select the correct one. The cost to take the exam is $450.

CIS-Discovery certification prerequisites 

To earn the ServiceNow CIS-Discovery certification exam, candidates must have intermediate or above Windows and Unix administration skills, intermediate or above SNMP query knowledge, intermediate or above JavaScript and regular expression scripting skills, and introductory or above network administration knowledge.

Additionally, candidates must have at least six months of field experience implementing ServiceNow ITOM solutions, specifically Discovery, and have participated in at least two ServiceNow Discovery deployments. General familiarity with industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms is also required.

ServiceNow CIS-Discovery exam scope

The CIS-Discovery Exam is divided into Learning Domains corresponding to critical topics and activities typically encountered during ServiceNow implementations. Each Learning Domain has specific learning objectives that are tested in the exam.

The ServiceNow CIS-Discovery certification exam measures the learning domains, weightings, and sub-skills, with each section representing a percentage of the questions. It should be noted that the listed sub-skills are a partial list of the exam content.

CIS-Discovery certification exam purpose

The purpose of the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery Exam is to certify that a successful candidate possesses the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the configuration, administration, implementation, and support of the Discovery applications within the ServiceNow platform.

CIS-Discovery certification exam audience

The ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery exam is open to ServiceNow employees, ServiceNow partners, and ServiceNow customers. Anyone interested in learning an in-depth understanding of the ServiceNow platform can take this certification. 

Why do you need this certification?

Once set up and operational, ServiceNow Discovery is a powerful tool for monitoring the status and health of your corporate network. It can automatically gather routine and advanced system information to populate your CMDB.

With a well-populated CMDB, system reporting becomes more accurate, informative, and helpful in making critical business decisions. Enhancing the system with Orchestration to automate system changes and updates and Service Mapping to evaluate dependencies and the impact of service outages can transform your organization by significantly reducing the time to resolution for any incident.

The bottom line

When it comes to choosing which ServiceNow certifications to pursue, it really depends on which applications you or your organization use and plan to implement. Whether you’re looking to boost your skills and knowledge or build a top-notch team, having a solid understanding of the different ServiceNow products and applications is helpful.

To earn the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery professional badge from ServiceNow, candidates must pass the CIS-Discovery exam. For those who want to pass the ServiceNow Discovery Implementation Specialist certification exam on their first attempt, choose CBT Proxy as your proxy exam service provider. To learn more about the exam, click the chat buttons below, and we will guide you accordingly.

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