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CISM Preparation Tips

Tips to Get Motivated to Do CISM Preparation

Sep 10, 20173 mins read
Tips to Get Motivated to Do CISM Preparation

You need to stay motivated throughout the CISMs studying period, and this could be the most difficult thing.

The following are a few tips that will help you to keep yourself motivated in order to do CISM preparation:

  • Seeing your own self achieving your dream goal, imagining and envisioning that it works out well.
  • Repeat a short motivational sentence over and over, such as “I will surely pass my CISM certification” our brains are somehow primitive, so it will eventually believe in it.
  • Told someone about your dream goal of becoming CISM certified as telling someone makes you feel as it is real, and you will be more likely to succeed.
  • Reward or give a treat to yourself once you reached on a certain study milestone works; it will give you something to that motivates you or look forward to.
  • When you finish the book or a set of videos, score 70% to 80% in your practice tests.
  • Print a page with your name, your exam day, CISM, and hang it on your room wall where you see it daily.
  • Celebrate when you achieve the milestones of your studying.

Find time for studying

Mostly it becomes to take out time to study for more than two hours or more daily. The best way to get more time for study is to get rid of all the non-essential things from your everyday life, as well as do what you can do as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Stop checking social media all the time

The average check-ins of users on their social media and on their phone are around 200 times per day, that means you alone spend two hours on social media which you can for your studying. You need to stop spending this much time on social media.

Get enough sleep

If you are rested, you will have more energy, have more focus, make fewer mistakes, retain knowledge faster, and get sick less often.


The more time you spent on exercising will come back to you in multiples more mental and physical energy and in more clarity.

Build new habits for your studying

  1. Study daily for the two hours planned, and you will see after three weeks it becomes your habit and will be much easier to do.
  2. Do it daily and at the same time.

Stop multitasking

  1. Our brain can’t be able to multitask. Moreover, we are able to switch our tasks quickly, but due to this, you will get tired much sooner.
  2. Start mono tasking.

Batch all the similar tasks together and Then work on Them one at a time

  1. If you feel like that the brain gets tired due if you continuously work on a certain task as well as your brain is exhausted after an hour and 15 minutes, then you should take a break after every hour.
  2. Meditate, Relax or go anywhere and calm yourself for a few minutes, then start working again; your brain needs to have some rest so that you can work again efficiently after an hour.
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