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CompTIA PenTest+

Top 5 Reasons to Earn CompTIA PenTest+ Certification 

Apr 25, 20214 mins readAmit Masih
Top 5 Reasons to Earn CompTIA PenTest+ Certification 

CompTIA PenTest+ is a renowned cybersecurity certification that validates penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and management skills.

A certified CompTIA PenTest+ candidate is called a white-hat hacker who takes on the responsibility of securing the organizational security infrastructure from malicious hackers.  

A penetration tester simulates real-world attacks to identify potential security flaws in systems and vulnerabilities in the organizational structure and applies security patches and solutions.    In this guide, you will learn the reasons why you should earn CompTIA PenTest+ certification.   

What is CompTIA PenTest+ Certification? 

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification hit the headlines in 2018. Since then, PenTest+ certification has become the first choice for intermediate-level cybersecurity experts.     The CompTIA PenTest+ exam is an industry-standard cybersecurity certification that validates penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, and management skills to secure, manage and report vulnerabilities across networks.

CompTIA PenTest+ professionals know how to plan, scope, and manage vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to determine a network's resilience against vulnerable attacks.   

About CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam 

Exam code- PTO-001  Timing-165 minutes  Number of questions- 85 (maximum)  Type of questions- Multiple-choice and Performance-based  Passing Score- 750 (on a scale of 100-900)  Languages- English and Japanese     

CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Domains 

CompTIA PenTest+ exam is divided into five domains on which cybersecurity candidates will be tested.    

  • Planning and Scoping – 15% 
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification – 22% 
  • Attacks and Exploits – 30% 
  • Penetration Testing Tools – 17% 
  • Reporting and Communication – 15%   

CompTIA PenTest+ Job Roles 

CompTIA PenTest+ certification is specially designed for cybersecurity professionals responsible for managing cyberattacks and vulnerable risks in organizations.     Here are the job roles for a certified CompTIA PenTest+ professional:   

  • Penetration tester 
  • Vulnerability tester 
  • Security analyst (II) 
  • Vulnerability assessment analyst 
  • Network/cloud/application security specialist 

Reasons to Earn CompTIA PenTest+ Certification  


1. Job opportunities

Cybersecurity experts are the need of the hour in the present era. Companies around the world provide high-end opportunities and benefits to penetration testing specialists.

Many IT companies constantly look for certified CompTIA PenTest+ professionals to join their security team.   

2. Prove your knowledge

Having a PenTest+ certification means that you have gone through training that confirms your vulnerability and management skills. CompTIA PenTest+ certification is not just any IT certification.

However, it is a sign of pride and achievement, indicating your effort and dedication to achieve it.   

3. Created by security professionals 

CompTIA PenTest is an industry-standard cybersecurity certification designed by cybersecurity professionals with many years of real-world experience tackling security issues at their enterprise level.

Industry experts create the exam pattern and questions for the CompTIA PenTest+ certification to ensure the practicality of the exam.   

4. Evaluate the security strategies

The CompTIA PenTest+ exam validates the candidate's comprehensive knowledge and skills to act and think offensively.

A cybersecurity specialist not only protects against vulnerabilities but also plugs loopholes in existing organizational security policies and frameworks.   

5. Make an impact

  Since the CompTIA PenTest+ certification is an industry-standard intermediate-level cybersecurity certification, it shows that PenTest+ professionals have the practical knowledge and skills to fight against cyberattacks and vulnerable risks.

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification impacts human resources and highlights the certified penetration testers, among others.   

The Final Saying 

You all must have noticed that the number of cyberattacks and data breaches is increasing.

Organizations need penetration testers to manage and protect their data and information to prevent such vulnerable risks.     The CompTIA PenTest+ certification is an excellent cybersecurity certification that sets you apart and identifies you as a penetration tester, validating expertise in identifying vulnerabilities and assessing hacking processes and management skills. 

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Get in touch with us today, and we will guide you further on how you can get a copy of your CompTIA PenTest+ certification.  

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