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VMware Certified Professional

VMware Certified Professional (VCP): Roles & Responsibilities, Salary, Career Growth

Jun 10, 20236 mins readAmit Masih
VMware Certified Professional (VCP): Roles & Responsibilities, Salary, Career Growth

A VCP or VMware Certified Professional is a skilled expert who can design, deploy, manage, and support data center virtualization using the vSphere platform from VMware. The VCP professional has practical experience with implementing vSphere solutions. They are familiar with VMware vSphere and its associated technologies.

The VMware Certified Professional (VCP) professional must have a solid grasp of the basics of network virtualization. This professional configures and manages various technologies to optimize the virtual infrastructure.

They will also troubleshoot issues related to the Linux or Microsoft Windows Operating systems. Apart from that, these IT professionals have knowledge of VMware core components and how they connect to storage and networking.

What is VMware Certified Professional (VCP)?

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is a well-known and widely-recognized certification program offered by VMware —a leader in virtualization and cloud computing. VCP certification proves that an individual can effectively install, configure, and troubleshoot VMware vSphere environments. It also shows that an individual is dedicated to advancing their career and maintaining high-performance standards in the industry.

VCP certification tracks

VMware understands that IT professionals have different goals and preferences when it comes to VMware solutions. Because of this reason, VCP offers many certification tracks, each covering a different aspect of VMware technologies and products.

VCP-DCV (Data Center Virtualization): Validates your skill in designing, installing, and managing VMware vSphere environments in a real-world environment.

VCP-NV (Network Virtualization): validates your expertise in designing, implementing, managing, and supporting an NSX-T environment.

VCP-CMA (Cloud Management and Automation): Validates your skills in installing, configuring, optimizing, and supporting vRealize and other cloud solutions.

VCP-EUC (End-User Computing): Validates your skills in designing, installing, and managing end-user computing solutions using Workspace ONE and desktop management solutions using Horizon.

VCP-AM (Application Modernization): validates your skills in developing, managing, and migrating applications through the VMware Tanzu portfolio.

VCP-SEC (Security): Validates your skills in configuring, managing, and supporting security features of key VMware products.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP): Roles & Responsibilities

A VMware Certified Professional is an experienced expert who can assist customers with designing, developing, and maintaining both virtual and traditional computing infrastructures. They have the skills to deal with virtualization-related problems and to install, configure, and monitor VMware vSphere and its associated technologies.

This technician can also oversee and comprehend the functionality in VMware. They are responsible for setting up and managing storage and networking for ESXi and other vCenter Server components. They regulate user access to the VMware infrastructure in the enterprise. They have an active role in managing, migrating, and deploying Templates, VM Clones, vApps, and virtual desktops for clients.

The job of a VMware Certified Professional is to use vCenter Server to monitor resource usage and enhance scalability. They also apply patches to ESX/ESXi and ensure data protection and high availability using the VMware vCenter Update Manager. Technicians use vSphere Architecture and Solutions. The VMware Certified Professional configures the vNetwork Standard and Distributed Switches. They configure vSS, vDS Policies, and VLAN settings.

In addition to these duties, this certified professional deploys and plans Shared Storage and the Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA) for vSphere. They use VMware Data Recovery to back up or restore Virtual Machines and migrate VMs. The technician troubleshoots the vSphere Network, Storage, and ESXi Hosts at a basic level. They manage vCenter Server Alarms and monitor a vSphere implementation.

The VMware Certified Professional is responsible for testing, configuring, implementing, and training clients and users. They fix or troubleshoot any technical component issues. These professionals take care of the training materials and documentation for users, both technical and operational.

The professional stays updated with the VMware product line. They document best practices for developing and deploying VMware solutions. This certified expert corrects and resolves implementation issues. They create and implement contingency plans when necessary.

What educational background should an aspiring candidate have?

To become a VMware Certified Professional (VCP), you must have a strong computer science, IT, telecommunications, or electrical engineering background. A bachelor’s degree in one of these fields is preferred but not required.

However, having some work experience in the industry can give you an edge over other candidates. A specialization in a relevant technology can also demonstrate your proficiency and knowledge.

What certifications are available to become a VCP professional?

As the leading provider of corporate virtualization solutions, VMware offers a great opportunity for career growth. You can learn more about virtualization and other related topics from technical schools offering courses and degree programs along with the VCP certification exam. The certification helps you gain a deeper knowledge of various subjects. The VCP certification can also make you more competitive in the job market.

Here is the certification that employers would want to see in your resume:

VMware Certified Professional certification The VCP exam tests the candidate’s knowledge of VMware vSphere and related technologies. It also allows the candidate to show their ability to install, configure, and manage VMware vSphere environments and to work with VMware infrastructure technologies.

This certification is for people who work with VMware solutions and want to improve their skills. This course can help you if you are:

  • IT managers
  • Software developers
  • Computer system administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Computer programmers

What are the benefits of earning the VMware certification?

If you want to advance your career in the cloud domain, earning VMware certifications can be a great choice. Some of the reasons why you should consider them are:

  • VMware certifications are highly respected and valued in the industry.
  • Virtualization skills are in high demand, and there is a significant gap between the available and required talent for virtualization projects.
  • You can work as an independent consultant with the “VMware Certified Professional” brand and attract new clients.
  • You will access various VMware resources and the VCP Store as a VMware-certified professional.
  • You will have more opportunities to work with top companies, as 100% of Fortune 500 companies use VMware for their virtualization needs.

What is the average salary of a certified VCP professional?

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for the VCP certification ranges from $74,650 for Systems Administrator to $103,739 for Senior System Engineer. Payscale reports that the average yearly salary for the VCP certification is around $87K in the US.

The bottom line

VMware technologies have opened up many work opportunities in the IT industry. Many leading companies worldwide rely on this technology, making VMware professionals sought-after candidates.

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