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Benefits of Cisco Partner

What Are the Benefits of Being a Cisco Partner?

Apr 28, 20194 mins readAmit Masih
What Are the Benefits of Being a Cisco Partner?

The primary objective of Cisco, one of the biggest global information technology companies, is to develop, manufacture, and sell high-technology products and services like networking hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment. It caters to specific tech markets like the Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, videoconferencing, and energy management.

Becoming a Cisco partner offers several benefits for your company. Your company's reputation increases, and you develop a strong relationship with your customers. Apart from this, you can leverage this partnership by utilizing a wide range of Cisco's programs and services and increase your sales and revenue generation.

As Cisco is a global brand, partnering with it will open doors to several new and significant developmental opportunities for you and your company. 

Benefits of Being a Cisco Partner

Access to Reduced Prices

The most significant advantage of being a registered partner is accessing Cisco not for Resale (NFR) program. You cannot resell these products and services but can buy their limited quantity for in-house usage and training purposes. An upfront discount of up to 60% is offered on selected Cisco products and services that you can use for your company's IT infrastructure or demo purposes. 

Increased Profitability Levels

As a Cisco registered reseller, you will have access to VIP Express Program. Under this program, you are offered a wide range of monetary rewards for selling selected small business products by Cisco. You can earn more profits by selling these products chosen as you get cashback for each product sold.

Incentives and Promotions

Cisco offers a lot of promotional stuff and huge incentives like monetary discounts and trade-in deals to its members. It helps you promote its products, close more sales, and eventually increase your company’s profits. These promotion features are specifically designed to improve your offers, deals, and earnings as you quickly get access to fast quotes, economical pricing range, and in-time availability of networking products. Becoming a reseller with Cisco gives you an edge over your competitors, and your profit margin increases substantially.

Zero-cost Technical and Sales Training

As a registered partner, Cisco offers no-cost training and support about its products and services for your employees. The authorized distributors of Cisco help small to mid-sized businesses by providing them free access to several online training materials, products, and solutions. Pre-recorded WebEx training sessions covering a vast range of sales and technology topics can be found in the training library. It helps you access the training at a time that fits your schedule whenever and wherever.

Variety of Technical Support

As a registered Cisco partner, you get access to an array of technical support beyond your imagination. The Cisco partner helpline operates round the clock and provides individualized, one-to-one assistance on any topic you have doubts. They have an excellent pre and after-sales support system and provide service for product designing. Apart from technical support, non-technical support is also made available to partners via a partner advisor.

You can include Cisco capital finance as a part of your marketing and sales plan. It will help you enhance your sales and revenue by overcoming budgeting issues your customers face. It allows your clients to purchase customized solutions and products as per their business requirements instead of sticking to their budget. Also, the finance option helps your customers to opt for the desired product with ease. This option enables you to gain a broader target audience.

Cisco partners offer knowledgeable, certified staff. 

A Cisco-certified partner is like an extension to the leading company. Every company that becomes a Cisco partner has to undergo a strict process and clear three certification levels.

Sales certification: It is for the account managers to supervise the working of the sales staff and see if they are knowledgeable enough to perform the allotted tasks.

Design center certification: It is meant for IT designers, and they work with the account managers and customers to ensure the planning of optimal solutions for the implementation.

Field engineer certification: It is meant for the engineers responsible for implementing the Cisco products.

Also, these certifications need to be held by different employees.

The Final Words

Here we have seen the benefits of being a Cisco partner. The certified companies hold a prestigious status worldwide. As a Cisco partner, you follow a set system to plan a product, design it, manufacture it, and market it. Clients look up to you for products and solutions as they know they will get quality services and robust after-sales support.

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