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AWS Solution Architect Associate certification

AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification: What It Is and Why It Matters

Jul 16, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification: What It Is and Why It Matters

This certification is integrated for professionals who perform a solution architect role and contains more than 12 months of experience in scalable distributed systems, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient on AWS.

This certification is suitable for those to mastering their profession. With this accreditation, you will handle non-technical traits, solution design, board preparation, and many more in the construction industry.

It continues to be the most significant endorsement for Architects enterprise. Organizations look to recruit architects can get the best jobs with this certification. It can be the benchmark to step into the industry.

AWS comes with a variety of services and more features with it as compared to the other cloud provider from infrastructure technologies like databases, storage, and computing.

Abilities for the certification

  • Get the knowledge of how to deploy and architect robust and secure applications on AWS technologies.
  • Give a solution utilizing architectural design rules based on customer’s needs.
  • Offers guidance for the implementation based on the companies’ best practices through the project’s life cycle.

AWS is a recognized certification at the global level. It conveys a high-level of trust from your colleagues, employees, and customers. It assists in diminishing friction in the management of the architectural enterprise. Getting AWS certified improves the reputation of the organization. These certified professionals can demonstrate their skills in the best way.

Experience and knowledge

  • Hands-on experience with AWS management and deployment services
  • Hands-on experience utilizing a database, storage, storage, and compute AWS services
  • Ability to define and identify technical needs for an AWS-based application
  • Ability to identify with the help of the AWS services meet a provided technical need.
  • Knowledge of recommended best practices to build reliable applications and secure on the AWS platform.
  • An understanding of security tools and features that are given and how they are related to traditional services.
  • Knowledge of network technologies as per AWS
  • Knowledge of the AWS global infrastructure
  • Gives expertise in basic architectural rules of developing on the AWS cloud

What will you learn?

  • Be a Cloud expert
  • Be an Amazon Certified
  • With AWS, you can be intimately familiar
  • Design scalable and resilient website on AWS

Exam Details

The paper is designed on the format of the multiple-choice question answers. It is an associate type of paper that can be prepared online. This is a protected online exam that you have to complete in 130 minutes. It supports different languages like Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English. For most candidates, it is easy to take the papers by getting information about the course.


AWS Solution Architect Associate certification is the most comprehensive and widely adopted. AWS offers a reliable cloud platform providing over 175 completely featured services from the data center at the global level.

Millions of the organization, including leading government agencies, largest enterprises, growing start-ups, and many others, have adopted it. Moreover, this is a lower-cost platform that gives the solution to several architectural problems. It makes the innovative industry faster and more agile.

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