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What is CAPM

What is CAPM?: A Comprehensive Guide | CBTPROXY

Sep 16, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
What is CAPM?: A Comprehensive Guide | CBTPROXY

IF you want to succeed in your project management profession, a CAPM qualification is a fantastic opportunity for you. There is no prior experience needed to enroll in this certification. Besides, the entry criteria for this course is quite easy as compared to the other one. It is the course that is a good base for the future development of your project management career.

So are you ready to enhance your project management skills? If so, what about becoming CAPM certified?

It is a certificate that you can get easily if you have little expertise and are involved in project management. It will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd with a recognized credential because we all know that many authorities provide project professionals qualifications. However, the CAPM qualification is the most common of all.

Besides CAPM being the most common management certification, many people lack a basic understanding and scope of this certification. In this blog, we will discuss further details about CAPM.

What is CAPM, and How to Opt for It?

CAPM stands for a Certified Project Management Partner. It is an entry-level qualification for project management practitioners. You would have to complete a computerized examination to achieve the CAPM qualification.

You are provided with a CAPM title with your name and signature for the examination purpose until you complete the exam. This credential obtained after passing the test is valid for five years. If you wish to retain the CAPM title, you must take the exam again after the expiry of the prescribed term to hold the title.

The CAPM review’s eligibility duration is one year from the day the PMI accepts your proposal. The exam does not have a negative marking, and the duration is 3 hours, and 150 questionnaires have to be answered.

Eligibility Criteria

Since this credential is for practitioners in the entry stage, someone with a high school or a higher-secondary degree may qualify.

You may qualify for the CAPM if you have experience for at least 1,500 hours with project management.

However, suppose you have no project management background, no need to worry. In that case, you have to undergo a 23-hour contact training course as additional practice. This course clarifies project management principles, which are consistent with the PMBOK Guide and the contents of CAPM exams.

Advantages and Advancements after CAPM

The qualification of CAPM demonstrates your dedication to learning new skills. It indicates that you grasp the terms and procedures of project management. A CAPM title on your CV enhances your work portals exposure as a potential entrant in the field. This qualification is available in all sectors and is globally recognized. It will improve your trust and confidence in your business and work practices.

What’s next?

After obtaining the certificate of CAPM, which is the qualification for practitioners at the entry stage. One can qualify for the PMP test, a 35-communication hour’s project management preparation curriculum. For experienced project professionals, the PMP credential is the most important qualification.

PMP is not much difficult because those preparing for it have already gone through CAPM Certifications Exam and PMBOK guides, a source for better understanding. It is widely esteemed and enables you to achieve the next stage in your career.

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