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Appian Associate Developer Certification

What is the Appian Associate Developer Certification? Everything You Need to Know

May 13, 20235 mins readAmit Masih
What is the Appian Associate Developer Certification? Everything You Need to Know

The Appian certification program provides standards-driven exams allowing individual practitioners to showcase their knowledge and abilities. This program is a valuable tool for both individuals and employers as it helps identify talent worldwide. By participating in the Appian certification program, you can market your Appian knowledge and skills to potential employers.

The Appian Associate Developer (ACD100) certification is one of the Appian certification exams, validating your knowledge and skills to build low-code applications.

What is the Appian?

Appian is a powerful low-code automation platform that helps businesses manage their processes, cases, and customers effectively. With its unified and low-code design experience, Appian provides enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scalability for mission-critical applications.

Companies can achieve meaningful and continuous improvement in their operations by combining business approaches such as Lean or Six Sigma with Appian’s hyperautomation technologies.

What is the Appian Associate Developer certification?

The Appian Associate Developer certification is a valuable credential for developers who are new to the Appian platform. This exam validates their knowledge and skills in building low-code applications on the Appian platform.

The Appian Associate Developer certification is designed for developers with software development and relational database experience, the ideal candidate has completed Appian instructor-led or online training and hands-on experience working on two or three training or client applications. The exam tests their understanding of best practices in designing, developing, and maintaining apps on the Appian platform.

The ACD100 exam consists of practical questions that can be answered based on work experience alone. Compared to the previous Level 1 exam, which had 90 questions to be answered in 60 minutes, the Associate Developer exam gives you plenty of time to complete - with only 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

Who can take the Appian Associate Developer certification?

Certified associate developers have some software development and relational database experience at the start of their Appian journeys. With one to three months of experience and two to three weeks of Appian training, they are familiar with Appian’s components and object types and understand some best practices for using each object.

They also have a high-level understanding of the connection between Appian applications and relational databases. They can execute simple SQL database queries such as creating, altering, inserting, or updating tables.

Additionally, they have a general understanding of the software development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, which enables them to effectively contribute to the project team. As part of the Appian Community, Appian Certified Associate Developers work closely with mentors to further develop their skills.

Exam details

The Appian Associate Developer exam is a 60-minute test with 60 items. There are no requirements to take the exam, and it costs $200. You must achieve a cut score of 62% or higher to pass the exam.

Exam domains

To ace the exam, candidates should use the objectives as a checklist to identify gaps in their knowledge and skills. The relative weight of each section is illustrated to help candidates understand the importance of each topic.

The Appian Platform (10%)

  • Identify commonly used Appian resources
  • Organize an application's structure (e.g., folder structure, group setup)
  • Describe common Appian use cases
  • Differentiate between Appian platform permissions (e.g., role-based security)
  • Differentiate between user experiences (e.g., sites, tempo, embedded)

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) (10%)

  • Recognize the roles and responsibilities of development team members
  • Differentiate between the stages of the SDLC (e.g., analysis, transformation, deployment, testing, maintenance)
  • Describe the scrum lifecycle of a user story
  • Explain the various Agile scrum ceremonies (e.g., refinement, standup, retrospective)
  • Define the use of each Appian environment used within the SDLC

Data Manipulation (17%)

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of managing data and relational databases (RDBMS) (e.g., table relationships and views)
  • Explain how Appian’s objects interact with relational database management systems
  • Write basic SQL statements (e.g., create, modify, update, delete)
  • Troubleshoot issues with database transactions(e.g., SQL, CDTs)

Appian Process Modeling (18%)

  • Identify common ways to start or trigger Appian processes
  • Configure process model properties, common nodes, and user input tasks
  • Implement tasks within Appian process models according to proven practices

Appian Interface Design (18%)

  • Construct each of the Appian interface components
  • Configure common variable types within an interface
  • Configure standard interface components (e.g., drop-downs, grids, buttons, validations)
  • Recognize and implement Appian user experience best practices

Appian Records (15%)

  • Configure an Appian Record Type object to support business requirements
  • Identify use cases for each record type data source
  • Design record views and lists
  • Configure record and related actions

Appian Expression Rules (12%)

  • Recall expression rule use cases
  • Build and implement a basic function expression rule
  • Implement basic testing practices during expression rule creation
  • Write comprehensible expression rules following business requirements

The final verdict

The Appian Associate Developer certification validates the knowledge and skills of developers new to the Appian platform. It demonstrates their understanding of app design, development, and maintenance best practices.

By achieving this certification, developers can market their Appian expertise to potential employers and advance their careers.

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