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IIBA CBDA Certification

What is the IIBA CBDA Certification?

Sep 04, 20224 mins readAmit Masih
What is the IIBA CBDA Certification?

What is the IIBA CBDA certification?

The IIBA Business Data Analytics Certification is designed to provide professionals with specific practices and techniques for performing advanced business data analysis. The main goal of this type of analysis is to gather insights about the performance of a business and use them to make data-driven decisions in real time. This certification proves an individual's ability to conduct business analysis on analytics initiatives effectively.

Business analysis professionals with two to three years of experience in business analytics and who have performed analysis-related work can take this exam to improve their job prospects. The IIBA CBDA online exam assesses an individual's knowledge across six domains, as the Guide to Business Data Analytics outlines.

These domains include identifying research questions, sourcing data, analyzing data, interpreting and reporting results, using results to inform business decision-making, and guiding the organization's overall strategy for business analytics.

What's on the IIBA CBDA certification exam?

The IIBA CBDA exam is an online, proctored competency-based exam that takes place remotely. It has a duration of 120 minutes. You will need a computer or laptop with stable internet access, a working webcam, and a microphone to take the exam.

Before the exam, a proctor will be assigned to guide you through the process and monitor the exam. The exam consists of 75 questions that test your ability to perform in real-world scenarios.

These questions are divided into six domains, or knowledge areas, which are weighted differently. The six knowledge areas covered in the exam are:

  • Identify research question – 20%
  • Source data – 15%
  • Analyze data – 16%
  • Interpret and report results – 20%
  • Use results to influence business decision-making – 20%
  • Guide organization-level strategy for business analytics – 9%

Who can take the IIBA CBDA certification exam?

The CBDA exam offered by IIBA has no specific eligibility requirements, so that anyone can take the CBDA exam. This includes business analysts, data scientists and engineers, project managers, consultants, trainers, developers, testers, and professionals with CBAP and IIBA CCBA certifications, as well as anyone interested in gaining new skills and knowledge in the field of business analytics.

While the certification program is intended to benefit business analysis professionals with mid-level experience and expertise in business data analytics, it is open to candidates of all levels. It is designed to be most beneficial for candidates interested in expanding their competencies in business data analytics and improving their skills in this area.

  • Those who want to improve their knowledge of business and data analytics.
  • Professionals with BA experience already involved with data analysis projects.
  • Professionals interested in expanding their competencies into the business side of data analysis.
  • Anyone else whose field of work could benefit from CBDA certification.

CBDA certification salary

According to the IIBA's 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Report, the average salary for a business analyst with an IIBA CBDA certification is $80,034. The report also indicates that professionals with this certification earn 1% more than their non-certified counterparts.

How much does taking the IIBA CBDA certification exam cost?

There is no application fee required to take the IIBA CBDA exam. The cost of the exam itself varies depending on the candidate's membership status with IIBA.

  • Member – 250 USD
  • Non-member – 400 USD
  • Corporate member – 225 USD

What are the benefits of earning the IIBA CBDA certification?

In today's business world, data is critical in making informed decisions, and organizations that focus on data tend to perform better in the market. The analytics-based approach is becoming more popular, so business analytics skills are in high demand in the business analysis field. These skills and analytical reasoning are some of the most sought-after hard skills. On average, IIBA CBDA analysts in the US earn $86,400 per year.

The IIBA CBDA certification can broaden a business data analyst's career options. In addition to working in their primary role, the certification allows analysts to participate in end-to-end data analytics or business intelligence projects and collaborate with data science professionals. This can help analysts expand their skill set and increase their value in the job market.

The IIBA CBDA certification can help data scientists or analysts expand their skills beyond their core data-related work, including business decision-making and effective collaboration with business analysts. This can enhance their competencies and broaden their career opportunities.

The professional development (PD) hours earned while obtaining an IIBA CBDA certificate can be applied toward the recertification process for CBAP or CCBA.

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