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Meta Blueprint Certifications

Why Should You Earn the Meta Blueprint Certifications?

Jun 25, 20235 mins readAmit Masih
Why Should You Earn the Meta Blueprint Certifications?

Facebook Blueprint certification is the ideal option for anyone who wants to leverage the full potential of Facebook’s diverse advertising features. Facebook’s technologies are constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to stay updated with them.

Facebook created the Meta Blueprint courses and exams to help IT professionals stay updated.

These courses teach marketers how to use every tool in Facebook’s digital advertising toolkit. Whether you are a business owner, a campaign manager, a sales and marketing professional, or a data analytics expert, you can find a Meta Blueprint certification program that suits your career requirements.

What is Meta (Facebook) Blueprint?

Meta Blueprint is an online platform that provides learning courses, training programs, and certifications to enhance your abilities on Meta’s platforms.

Blueprint helps you master Meta’s marketing platforms and achieve your business goals. You can access many courses and training programs for free, but you must pay for Meta Blueprint certification badges.

Blueprint (formerly known as Facebook Blueprint) covers a wide range of topics, such as audiences, strategy, optimization, commerce, and advertising.

The following are the Meta BluePrint certifications:

  • 100-101: Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate - $99 USD
  • 200-101: Meta Certified Marketing Science Professional - $150 USD
  • 300-101: Meta Certified Creative Strategy Professional - $150 USD
  • 400-101: Meta Certified Media Planning Professional - $150 USD
  • 410-101: Meta Certified Media Buying Professional- $150 USD
  • 600-101: Meta Certified Community Manager - $99 USD
  • 700-101: Meta-certified Meta Spark creator - $99 USD

Who should take the Meta Blueprint certifications?

For those who want to learn more about marketing

If you want to learn how to market effectively on Meta platforms, free Meta Blueprint courses are a great way to acquire new skills.

You can be anyone from a novice marketer to an experienced professional who wants to sharpen your skills to a business owner who wants to promote your brand on Meta platforms.

You could work in marketing science, creative strategy, media buying, marketing development, or API development. However, remember that Meta Blueprint courses are (naturally) focused on Meta platforms only.

For those who want to get certified

Those who want to get Blueprint certified will also find the Meta Blueprint courses useful. You’ll need to study the relevant Blueprint certification course before taking the exam, which can be challenging.

You may have different reasons for wanting a certification badge. Its advantages include making your resume more attractive, building trust with your freelance clients, or simply as a sign of marketing excellence.

How can a Meta Blueprint certification help you?

You’ve probably used Facebook ads before if you’re into digital marketing. But did you know that Facebook has a ton of tools that you might be missing out on? Facebook doesn’t want you to miss out on these awesome features.

That’s why they created the Blueprint online courses. These courses will turn you into a Facebook marketing master. And when you pass the exams, you’ll get a shiny badge showing everyone you know your stuff. Trust us, this badge has many perks we’ll tell you all about.

For businesses

Running a business can be stressful, especially when you have targets to meet or a startup to grow. You want to hire the best digital marketing experts and let them handle the work. But you also know that advertising and promotion can consume much of your budget.

And you don’t want to waste money on people who don’t know how to use Facebook, the biggest social media platform, and its sister app Instagram. That’s where Facebook Blueprint comes in handy.

It gives you two choices: to level up your Facebook skills or to find professionals with proven Facebook advertising skills.

And if you’re into business models like drop shipping and eCommerce, you’ll want to be able to run ad campaigns yourself. These are low-cost business models that anyone can do on their own.

For digital marketing professionals

You know you’re good at selling, but how do you prove it? It’s hard when you have to keep your clients’ secrets. How do you show your potential clients that you have what it takes? The best way to do this is by flaunting a credential they can trust.

When you pass the Facebook Blueprint exam, you get a badge you can brag about on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. You can even put this badge on your official website and email signatures. So, your clients will know that they are working with a Pro.


Facebook Blueprint certification is the perfect way to boost your career in the Digital marketing world that will only grow bigger and bigger. Get Facebook's certification before everyone else and get the dream job you always wanted.

If you want to master Facebook marketing and reap all the rewards this platform offers, the Blueprint certification is the way to go.

Plus, if you’re looking for a job in online marketing or media-buying, the Blueprint certification helps you stand out from the crowd of Facebook marketers.

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