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AWS Certified Developer

Why You Should Become an AWS Certified Developer: 5 Reasons to Consider

Jun 26, 20234 mins readAmit Masih
Why You Should Become an AWS Certified Developer: 5 Reasons to Consider

Cloud computing is booming, and AWS Certified Developers are at the forefront of developing cloud-based applications and services.

By earning this certification, you can demonstrate your technical expertise in AWS, enhance your career opportunities, build your professional reputation, increase your credibility, and stand out as a cloud computing specialist.

This article will explain why AWS skills are in high demand and the top five benefits of taking the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers various services for individuals, businesses, and governments. AWS is part of Amazon (dot com).

It allows you to build and run applications with features such as storage, development tools, analytics, content delivery, messaging, computing, database management, app services, payments, mobile networking, and an on-demand workforce. AWS is a paid subscription service that lets you use web services as needed.

The importance of AWS skills

The digital marketplace constantly changes and introduces new technologies that require businesses to adapt and innovate. As an IT specialist or software developer, you have the skills and knowledge to help them stay ahead of the curve and embrace the latest opportunities.

To go digital and use public cloud storage, businesses need developers with the skills to assess their unique needs and ensure a seamless transition. Getting an official AWS certification can prove and showcase your practical AWS knowledge and abilities.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to the high demand for AWS experts in the public cloud industry:

As more and more companies rely on digital and cloud-based platforms and storage solutions, they need qualified IT specialists to help them bridge the skills gap and implement cloud best practices.

Public cloud spending is projected to grow to nearly $500 billion by 2023, indicating strong and steady growth for the cloud computing industry.

Organizations of all sizes and sectors are shifting from traditional IT structures and solutions to new cloud technology, offering more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

AWS, the first public cloud computing platform to launch in 2006, dominates the cloud computing market with 34% of the market share as of 2022. That is more than the combined share of its two main competitors (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure).

Some leading companies, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Shell, CapitalOne, General Electric, and McDonald’s, use Amazon Web Services to power their cloud computing services and platforms.

What are the benefits of earning the AWS Certified Developer- Associate certification exam?

Why should you take the AWS Certified Developer- Associate certification exam (DVA-C02)? Here are some benefits:

High demand:

Whether it’s a global enterprise or a local small business, many organizations need AWS specialists who can help them with digital transformation. They seek cloud computing developers, engineers, and architects with the right qualifications and skills.

Credibility and expertise:

The best way to demonstrate your AWS knowledge and abilities is to take the AWS Certified Developer- Associate course and get the official certification. This will make you stand out from other IT candidates and attract employers who need AWS experts. You can showcase your AWS certifications on your LinkedIn profile or resume to get noticed.

Specialized skills:

After getting the associate-level certification, you can advance to the professional-level certification exam. You can also choose from several specialized AWS certifications in machine learning, data analytics, advanced networking, databases, Alexa skill builder, and security. The AWS Certified Developer- Associate certification will help you expand your knowledge and skills and make you more valuable to companies.

Side projects:

Do any personal projects need more resources than your home server? AWS certification can help you, especially if your project involves any of the topics above.

Career opportunities:

The more AWS skills, certifications, and credentials you have, the more career options you have. IT jobs that require AWS certification tend to pay well and last long. Of course, higher-level positions will earn more than lower-level ones, so keep improving your skills, knowledge, and expertise to increase your earning potential.

The final verdict

As the demand for AWS-certified professionals is rising, software developers and IT experts must stay updated on AWS development, integration, and security, as AWS professionals are in high demand.

They should be able to help businesses with digital transformation, deploying and maintaining AWS services and platforms. Getting the official AWS accredited Associate Developer certification is a wise move for a growing and changing career.

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