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Arquitecto de soluciones de AWS

5 habilidades y características clave para convertirse en un exitoso arquitecto de soluciones de AWS

Dec 22, 20193 mins leerAmit Masih
5 habilidades y características clave para convertirse en un exitoso arquitecto de soluciones de AWS

The technology rise is at its peak. From small startups to big enterprises are now adopting the cloud, creating the need for cloud experts. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the AWS Solutions Architect certifications, preparing IT professionals with hands-on skills and knowledge.

What skills are needed to become a successful solutions architect? - Let's figure it out!

1. Flexibility and zeal to learn

One of the main skills to become a successful SA, you must learn to be open to grab the unique requirements of each project. The reason being said is that AWS Solutions Architect works in a wide variety of scenarios. This means there will not be the same customers or projects on the table, requiring you to wear a different hat every time. Therefore, learning the new concepts and technology trends helps SA to handle the task effectively. 

2. Time management

Whether in an AWS Solutions Architect role or any other job, having strong time management skill is required. Putting time management in this case, an AWS expert's day includes several activities, from customer meetings to solving problems and preparing a comprehensive roadmap. Also, designing architectural frameworks for unexpected or pre-defined needs is one of the main tasks. So, SAs must be mindful to plan all these required activities and prioritize their time on each task. 

3. Communication skills

The AWS Solutions Architect is not just a job role who sits at their desk and goes home. However, it requires a lot of skills altogether. A successful AWS Solutions Architect, at the same time, knows how to communicate to high-end teams or non-technical audiences effectively. The SAs have to make decisions and set the table to share their minds with security teams, cloud vendors, and their management. So, seductive communication skills can add extra value to AWS experts. 

4. Problem-solving skills

AWS Solutions architects must have problem-solving skills to guide their team and stakeholders. The ability to deliver a strong, on-point solution and confidence are key skills in becoming a successful solutions architect. In addition, the cloud solutions they provide should be secure, flexible, cost-effective, and operational so that customers can benefit from them.

5. Analytical skills

Becoming a successful AWS Solutions Architect needs strong analytical skills. Of course, an SA must know how to conduct an analysis of the system and provide solutions according to the business needs. In addition, the expert solutions architect must be able to examine and demonstrate the client's current system, capture the project requirements, and design and implement the appropriate operational strategies and scalable frameworks within an organization. 


The career opportunity for an AWS Solutions Architect is outstanding. The skilled and qualified cloud experts are the need of the hour. Many companies around the globe require expert cloud professionals to design and implement the right solutions within an organization. 

So this is the right time to jump into the cloud field and create a dominating image among others. 

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