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Get the excellence of an IT certification without sacrificing your own timeUse our team’s expertise & training to secure an IT certification to distinguishes you in your career —without you having to quit your job or give up precious time with your family
A Team of Experts
Sitting 7000+ Proxy Exams Over 3 Years
100% Pass Rates
0% Retakes and Failures
No Tool Detection
or Data/Psychometrics
Unique Guarantee
with Pay After You Pass
Need the certification but don’t have the time?

In a time when the IT sector is only getting more competitive, getting a globallyrecognized certification can be the factor that distinguishes you & advances you in your career. But it’s not only a cost of money, but precious time: time that takes you away from your career, earning your salary, and raising your family.

But the reality is: you don’t need to train for it to pass. With a pioneering proxy system that lets our trained experts sit the exam remotely on your behalf, you can quit delaying or stressing, and let us take care of it for you—securely, undetectably, and guaranteeing your pass in the first try.

Common Questions From Buyers
How It All Works
Connect with us, find out costs
Get in touch with our friendly support and tell us what IT certification you’re interested in— amongst the 500+ that we offer—so we can tell you its total costs.
Finalize the exam date, don’t pay yet
We’ll both agree on an exam date and nothing comes out of your pocket yet, other then exam fee. You book it to confirm the date and time of the final exam that we’ll sit for you.
We install and test, 24 hours before
To ensure everything runs to perfection on the real exam day, we run a test with you 24 hours before. We install our tools remotely, run the test, then give the thumbs up.
Our experts answer, you sit in front of Laptop/PC
On the big day, we’ll connect 30 minutes before the actual exam starts. Then we’ll take control remotely to answer the questions while you sit in front of your computer for formalities.
You pass, pay within 24 hours
When the exam’s complete: congrats, we’re certain you’ve passed! Only once you receive confirmation will payment be due within 24 hours—in anyway that suits you.
Zero for you to loseDistinguishment for you gainWhy choose CBTProxy to secure your IT certification pass
Surety of Passing
With a rate of 100% passes and 0% fails or re-takes, across 7000+ students since 2020, you can be certain that you’ll get the pass you need—for the badge of excellence for your IT career.
Speedy Support
For anything you need, we’re always just a WhatsApp away. We respond speedily, around the clock, and make sure you’re always in crystal-clear clarity.
Pay After You Pass
With our “Pay After You Pass” terms, nothing comes out of your pocket until you receive confirmation of your exam pass.
Security of a Guarantee
While we’re 100% certain of passing your exam, we still offer a guarantee if you hypothetically don’t pass: we’ll pay for the re-take, sit the exam for you, and ensure you get the pass.
Extensive Experience
We’ve been in this business since 2016. Aside from our proxy software & process that ensures 0% detection, over the years, we’ve built a team of specialized experts that have ensured 100% exam pass rates.
Pre-requirement & Exam Rules
Pre-requirementsfor us to sit a proxy exam for you
  • Your PC or Laptop must have Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit) or in some cases macbook also works.
  • Your device must have no corporate firewall enabled We will have to mutually agree on a time to book your exam slot
  • To sit your online exam, your device must have a camera and microphone
  • You must be able to join 30 minutes before the exam starts
  • You must be have your ID ready—not for us, but to show the proctor to be allowed to start the exam
  • You will have to remain seated and act like you’re undertaking the exam while we do it remotely on your behalf
Exam rulesfor all online proctors for IT exams
  • When you’re sitting the exam, no one is permitted in your work area for any reason
  • You cannot leave your work area for any reason (only in break time can you leave)
  • You cannot use scratch paper, take physical notes, or talk
  • Items by mobiles, headphones, and watches must be out of reach—if you’re seen using our phone, your exam may be revoked
  • Food, drinks, smoking and gum are prohibited Your desk must be clean. Only a laptop/PC, keyboard, mouse and a transparent water bottle is allowed
  • If you have any extra screen connected to your laptop or PC, disconnect it
  • If you have any mirror, TV, or screen in your room, cover it with a sheet
  • Keep your laptop connected to a charger while the exam is running
  • Do not click the photo of anything in the exam, including the results

PS. No need to memorize this! We’ll send all this information over to you when book with us your proxy IT certification exam