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Earn your complete IT university education without you putting in your own time

Whether you’re working full time or occupied with your family, make your dream IT career a reality at the lowest price possible & in the least amount of time

Full Accreditation
From Award-winning WGU University
A Team of Experts
Sitting 7000+ Proxy Exams in 3 Years
0% Detection & Retakes
100% Pass Rates
Unique Guarantee
with Pay After You Pass

No More Big Sacrifices To Earn Your Bachelor's or Masters

Getting a Bachelor’s degree is a #1 surest way to multiply your salary. Problem is: its costs are huge, usually requiring debt, and it takes years — time that you simply don’t have when you’re in a job or raising a family. And yet: getting that accreditation is still your dream. Because of how many door it will open for you, now and in the future. Through WGU—an award-winning, online American university that’s changed the lives of over 100,000 of professionals & parents yearly—you can you earn your certifications at a fraction of the cost and time. And our job: to sit the exams for you, so your time is time is never ever taken up and your pass is peace-of-mind guaranteed

You Need To Know
The Traditional Way

Most universities charge tuition based on how many credits you take: so the more courses you take, the more money you pay.


The average Bachelor’s degree costs $16,000 for 1 year and takes 4 years — costing you a total of at least $64,000 plus 4 years of missed out earnings, career, and family time

The WGU Way

WGU charges tuition based on a flatrate, 6-month term: so whether you take credits equivalent to 1 year or 4 years in those 6 months, the fee stays the same.


With WGU’s average IT Bachelor’s costing a flat $3000-4000 for their 6- month term, that means you more credits you can do within that tim.

Doing It Proxy

To make the most of WGU’s way—so you can gain an entire Bachelor’s or Masters within just 6 months for their flat fee—you will either need to:


Have the knowledge to ace every exam within that time (OR) Have a team of experts sitting the exams as proxies for you. And as proxy exam sitters since 2016, that’s what we’re here to do for you.

Gain an IT Bachelor’s or Masters in 6 months for $3000-4000
Plus our exam proxy fee—making sure you complete the entire program in the shortest time & for the lowest price, while 100% guaranteeing your pass
How It Works

Connect with us,

enroll at WGU

Get in touch with our support team. Tell us what IT program you’re interested in. And we’ll tell you total costs. Then you enroll in WGU to kick-off everything officially

24 hours before exams,

we install & test

Whenever you have an exam, we’ll schedule to connect 24 hours before. We’ll install our proxy tools. Run a test to make sure everything’s perfect. Then give you the thumbs up & see you the next day.

You sit in front of Laptop/PC,

our experts answer

On the big day, we’ll connect 30 minutes before the actual exam starts. Then we’ll take control remotely to answer the questions while you sit in front of your computer for formalities.

You pass, pay

within 24 hours

When the exam’s complete: congrats, we’re certain you’ve passed! Only once you receive official confirmation of your pass from EGU will payment be due within 24 hours—in anyway that suits you.
And repeat for all required exams— until you get your Bachelor’s or Masters in just half a year
Why Us
Finally open the doors you’ve always wanted to walk through
Why choose CBTProxy to help you jump start your career
Surety of Passing
With a rate of 100% passes and 0% fails or re-takes, across 7000+ students since 2016, you can be certain that you’ll get the pass you need—for long-wanted IT program to have to your name.
Pay After You Pass
With our “Pay After You Pass” terms, nothing comes out of your pocket until you receive official confirmation from WGU of your exam pass.
Extensive Experience
We’ve been in this business since 2016. Aside from our proxy software & process that ensures 0% detection, over the years, we’ve built a team of specialized IT experts that have ensured 100% exam pass rates for all WGU’s 10 Bachelor programs & 5 Masters.
Security of a Guarantee
While we’re 100% certain of passing your WGU exams, we still offer a guarantee if you hypothetically don’t pass: you pay us nothing for the re-take, we sit the exam for you, and ensure you get the pass.
Speedy Support
For anything you need, we’re always just a WhatsApp away. We respond speedily and make sure you’re always in crystal-clear clarity — so you stay working or parenting while earning your graduate degrees
Pre-requirement & Exam Rules
Pre-requirements for us to sit a proxy exam for you
  • Your PC or Laptop must have Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit) installed
  • Your device must have no corporate firewall enabled
  • We will have to mutually agree on a time to book your exam slot
  • To sit your online WGU exam, your device must have a inbuilt camera, external camera and microphone
  • You must be able to join 30 minutes before the exam starts
  • You must be have your ID ready—not for us, but to show the proctor to be allowed to start the exam
  • You will have to remain seated and act like you’re undertaking the exam while we do it remotely on your behalf
WGU exam rules for all online proctoring
  • When you’re sitting the exam, no one is permitted in your work area for any reason
  • You cannot leave your work area for any reason (only in break time can you leave)
  • You cannot use scratch paper, take physical notes, or talk
  • Items by mobiles, headphones, and watches must be out of reach—if you’re seen using our phone, your exam may be revoked
  • Food, drinks, smoking and gum are prohibited
  • Your desk must be clean. Only a laptop/PC, keyboard, mouse and a transparent water bottle is allowed
  • If you have any extra screen connected to your laptop or PC, disconnect it
  • If you have any mirror, TV, or screen in your room, cover it with a sheet
  • Keep your laptop connected to a charger while the exam is running
  • Do not click the photo of anything in the exam, including the results
PS. No need to memorize this! We’ll send all this information over to you when book with us your WGU IT program
Common Questions From Buyers
Can a 4-year Bachelor’s really be completed in 6 months? How is that possible?

Because of WGU’s competency-based tuition fees, it’s entirely possible—only if one has the expertise to sit and pass all of its exams within 6 months. However, for most people seeking to invest in their higher education, that’s rarely the case. Most professionals and parents who want to gain a university education don’t have the ready expertise to pass all of a Bachelor’s or Masters exams in 6 months. But that’s the very problem we’re here to solve. By having our team of experts sit the exams as proxies for you: you simply enroll, and use our knowledge to pass the exams and gain all your credits. So you don’t need to sacrifice your career or family time to study for years — nor have the looming stress over whether you’ll pass.
Can you really sit the exams for me without being detected?

We love this question, because it’s the most legitimate question to ask. The heart and soul of aproxy exam is that it has to be entirely undetectable. And we ensure this through 2 ways. (1)Using our 0% detectable tool that we’ve been using to pass 7000+ proxy exams in last 3 years. (2)Sitting the exam with a proven process that avoids any kind of detection from data &psychometric analysis. From our inception in 2016 as IT Programmers with a background in Security, we underwent arigorous process to remotely crack online exam-sitting, securely and without detection. It took a lot of work, but we succeeded fantastically. For 7 years since then, our team of subject expertshave been sitting Bachelor’s, Masters, and various other certifications remotely for others,passing them with flying colors. And when it comes to avoiding data and psychometrics analysis (which means an analysis of your eye position and how your exam was completed), we: (A) request you to alway keep youreyes on the screen during the exam (B) we take the time to answer questions normally, while purposefully and randomly marking some questions wrong (so you never match with anyone).
What’s your success ratio? What happens if I fail and need to retake?

We have proudly maintained a pass success ratio of 100% since we began our services in 2016. But it’s nothing down to luck, and everything to do with our fool-proof proxy tools &processes and subject experts. We have a team of IT experts—training in the very Bachelor’s and Masters you’re looking togain—who answer your exam questions on your behalf. Because of them, up to the point ofyou reading this now, we’ve retained a 0% fail rate and 0% retakes over 7 years and over 7000 exams. However, we do understand that passing is critical when you embark on advancing your highereducation. And to completely remove any concerns, we offer a guarantee that if we hypothetically don’t pass the first time, you don’t pay us a dime until we re-take it for you and secure your pass from WGU. But with that being said: passing you at first try is the heart of our business.
I saw your offer for Pay After You Pass. It sounds amazing. Is there any hidden catch?

There’s zero hidden catches. We understand the stakes of passing all the exams within the 6-month term: the investment of money from you and the career advancement you depend on for it. And we also understand the hesitation that comes with proxies: the fear of scams that unfortunately do exist. Because of that, we wanted to create a unique offer that removed all of that risk. By taking zero payments upfront for sitting your proxy WGU exams, you only pay us after you’ve received official confirmation that you’ve passed the exam. This means we take all the risk ourselves (in case some customers received our services but decided not to pay). However, across our 7 years of offering this guarantee, we found that every time we’ve securely & surely passed an exam, our customers have been sure to pay us within 24 hours, 100% of the time. So in our eyes: zero risk for everyone!
Apart from WGU’s own flat-fee, what are your costs to sit the exams for me?

It very much depends on which program you want to gain certification for (WGU offers 10 IT Bachelor’s and 5 Masters) and how many of their exams you want us to sit for you (e.g. all of them or just some). To find out what the total costs are for any program you’re interested in, get in touch with our team on whatsapp, telegram or email anytime and we’ll give a full, nothing-ever-hidden, breakdown.
Can you tell me more about WGU? How do I enroll with them?

WGU (Western Governors University) is an award-winning, private American university that offers fully accredited Bachelor’s degrees, Masters, and other certification. Through their unique, competency-based tuition model, you’re able to earn a top-level accredited graduate certification at a fraction of the time & cost—if you have the knowledge for it (which we bring to you via our proxies). To find out more about WGU, read their success stories, and discover their seamless process of enrolling (all you need is to have completed a high school diploma or the equivalent), check out their official website here.
How do you actually sit the exam for me? Do you do this on your own or as a team?

With us sitting 7-8 exams a day, it would be impossible for it to be one person doing it on their own. And on top of that: one person would never have all the expertise to guarantee passes to 10 different Bachelor’s degrees and 5 different Masters. And we have no secret or hack to it. Just a large team of subject matter experts, in different fields of IT, who sit the exams for you remotely & undetectably. When you book your proxy exam, it will be assigned to an expert who has been trained to complete the exact exam that your program requires—making sure you have the expertise to 100% guarantee your pass, without you having to quit your job or give up precious time with your family.
Would I have to sit in front of the screen during the whole exam?

Yes. And it’s critical that you do. To ensure you remain undetected throughout your exam and that you secure your graduate qualifications: while we answer the questions for you remotely, you will have to physically sit in front of your PC/laptop during the whole exam. We also strongly advise that you actually “act out” as if you are doing the exam yourself. For example: actually reading all the questions and their options and answering them in your head (no lip-sync or voicing is allowed). This will guarantee that your body language looks authentic—so that along with our proven process you will entirely avoid any risk of any psychometric analysis. But again: no need to remember this all! We’ll always be with you every step of the way to make sure you pass your exams.
Do you install any software on my computer? How can I ensure you’ll remove it after the exam?

To be able to remotely access your WGU exam which runs on your system, we will indeed need to install our proxy tools. These have been custom-built by our IT programming teams so that they can (1) only access your system’ capabilities that allow us to sit your exam (2) are easy to uninstall as soon as we’re done. Through our 7 years of sitting proxy 7000+, our process of installing and uninstalling tools has always been — and will always be — seamless and transparent. And For anyone wanting double assurance for their own sake: they can either rent a laptop for the exam or purchase one and return it once the exam is complete.
We are a one-stop solution for all your needs and offer flexible and customized offers to all individuals depending on their educational qualifications and certification they want to achieve.
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