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Exam Stress

12 Tips to Deal with Exam Stress -A Guide for IT Professionals

Aug 18, 20196 mins readAmit Masih
12 Tips to Deal with Exam Stress -A Guide for IT Professionals

Exam stress is natural and obvious. There is no control over it. However, by practicing some tips, one can reduce stress during exams. The exam time comes with pressure from parents and peers, which leads to some unpleasant experiences. While some say that a small amount of stress and nervousness is essential to beat the exam with higher ranks, but a constant source of stress is not good for mental health.

To discuss it further, in this blog, we have come up with the 12 best tips to reduce exam stress. Go through this small blog piece and start practicing the tips mentioned right below to get a good result.

Exam stress: 12 tips to cope up with exam anxiety

  • Eat, sleep and exercise well
  • Breathe properly
  • Set achievable goals
  • Time management
  • Healthy mindset
  • Believe in yourself
  • Listen to music
  • Value time
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pet therapy
  • Practice mock test at home
  • Clean your desk

1. Eat, sleep and exercise well

One of the major, and in most cases, reasons for feeling anxious is poor diet, less sleep, and no movement in your body. That's why it is said to sleep well, eat healthy and take some time for exercise. To overcome exam stress, ensure you get 8 to 9 hours of good sleep, enough protein and carbs, less caffeine, more water, and about 30 minutes of exercise per day.

2. Breathe properly

Practicing mindfulness techniques for a few minutes daily helps you experience a time of peacefulness, through which your body will release exam tension, and you will find your focus back in the present moment. A long breath helps you keep the body temperature calm and balanced.

3. Set achievable goals

To feel the goodness in your mind and body, set realistic goals. This is as simple as that. When you set some extraordinary and far-reaching goals, you soon find yourself in depression and become a short-tempered and irritable person. To keep everything in the right timetable and scenario, set achievable goals, even if you have a long time to write down the exam. This is how you accept your situation and turn into a disciplined person. And all this ultimately helps you make the most of your time productively.

4. Time management

One of the significant reasons for exam stress is when students or IT professionals feel they have a very short time to complete the preparation. So, time management plays a vital role in releasing exam stress. To avoid the tension, set a schedule and follow a fixed timetable to read through the different topics or subjects at a specific time.

5. Healthy mindset

Having a positive mindset is the first step to dealing with exam anxiety. As an unsuccessful student, you may have a list of doubts and unanswered questions about your future which leads you to sink into the pool of anxiety. When feeling this, talk to your friends, parents, or a counselor about your problem. Furthermore, you can start practicing positive affirmations such as "I am not a failure," "I will get through this," "I will see the bright future," and "the greatness is coming my way."

6. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself helps you display the right mindset towards things that are or are not in your control. Be kind to yourself. When you set some goals -and by chance- can't manage to achieve them, in these times, do not count yourself less or degrade your abilities. Instead, creating a list of your achievements every day, whether small or significant, will help you maintain the confidence and motivation to level up.

7. Listen to music

In some cases, it has been noticed that the students who listen to music are clearer about their work than those who don't. Listening to music has benefited a large number of students and is considered a strong therapeutic advantage. Music helps students or IT professionals reinvigorate the brain which is essential for concentration. Make sure you listen to calming and soothing music.

8. Value time

Time is important. During the exam, utilizing most of your available time is lifesaving. When you have enough time to sit in the examination hall, don't just walk around here and there; prepare a well-defined timetable and push yourself to meet the deadline. Divide your time into different parts, such as regular breaks, food, workout, and other things you like to do in your spare time.

9. Dark Chocolate

What if we told you that dark chocolate beats the stress during exams and helps you feel good? Well, researchers have found that eating dark chocolate helps combat the stress hormone (cortisol) and releases endorphins, which are a natural stress reliever. So what now? Get yourself a bar of nice dark chocolate to reduce exam stress.

10. Pet therapy

Spending quality time with your pets is also considered one of the best tips to reduce exam stress. According to a study produced by Stress and Health, playing with dogs can help you overcome exam anxiety and increase the happiness level in your body. Many of you possibly have heard that pet therapy is known to help people with depression.

11. Practice mock test at home

Practicing mock exams at home is also the best way to reduce exam stress. Whether you study alone or with your friends or colleagues, prepare a mock test by looking at the previous year's exam questions and hitting them hard. The most common way to feel exam stress is thinking about what questions you're likely to be asked, what you should prepare, and what approach you will use to write down the answers on time. Things like that increase your stress level. So write as many mock tests as you can to overcome the situation.

12. Clean your desk

A cluttered desk is a good example of a cluttered mind. A fully occupied desk with multiple attention-grabbing things such as electronic devices, other books, objects, or anything that is not adding an extra layer to your study can harm your focus. And when you focus less, your mind starts roaming around negative or inappropriate things.

The Take Away Message

So, there you have it all. All the stress reducer tips that we have mentioned in this article are easy-to-follow and share a proven track record. Many students who have practiced it have taken advantage of it.

One last thing that we'd like to say, please do not worry about the exam. Exams are not everything, and when you fail, they don't control your destiny. So don't discount yourself. Keep hustling and push yourself hard to make things in your favor. Remember, you are awesome!

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