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PMP Certification Jobs

5 High-paying PMP Certification Jobs

Oct 07, 20185 mins readAmit Masih
5 High-paying PMP Certification Jobs


Project Management Professional (PMP) certification by PMI is recognized worldwide, and organizations prefer employing candidates with PMP credentials. This certificate's value is clear because companies nowadays are keeping aside budgets to help their existing staff acquire PMP certification. It helps employees in their career path and boosts the company’s output.

PMP certification acknowledges your skills and dedication to your profession. You work hard to gain PMP certification to boost your career and grab a high-paying job as a project management professional. 

However, success does not come overnight. So, do not expect to land your dream high-paying job as soon as you get certified. It takes time. Also, the salary package depends on the industry type, size and location of the company, and your experience level. However, you have the edge over non-certified project managers and can easily earn more than them even if you have the same credentials.

5 High-paying PMP Certification Jobs

I will now focus on the best jobs with PMP certification that you can apply for. However, higher pay means more is the requirement for knowledge and experience. So do not get disheartened if you do not immediately get a chance to grab jobs in the best paying sectors on getting certified.

PMO Office Manager

What is the role of a PMO office manager? Its role is to guide, direct, and supervise the functioning of the project management department within an organization. It requires you to have an in-depth understanding of all the concepts of PMBOK and PMP-related practices. 

You might think why PMO manager is one of the highest-paying PMP job roles? The answer is simple. You will be responsible for assisting and supervising other PMPs and team members, planning schedules, managing budgets, and delivering projects within the specified timeframe.

Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager’s role is quite challenging. You have to work under pressure, tight schedules, and harsh climatic conditions and might also have to manage multiple sites simultaneously. You have to travel to work sites, and they might be located in remote areas with limited facilities. Because of this, a construction project manager receives a high salary package. Also, you must be aware of the working methodology of different areas to manage the budget, schedule the plan, and deliver the required results.

Portfolio & Project Manager

A PP manager role involves planning, supervising, reporting, and executing several projects as part of one master project. You receive guidelines from your senior project managers regarding their projects, and you combine them into a single structure. You have to provide a report of the project development as a whole and provide guidance if any issue arises during the project development cycle. Your job primarily involves supervising the company's governance structure and reporting the development process to the C-level executives.

Project Manager Consultant

If you work as a project management consultant, you have the liberty to select projects of your choice and also can work on multiple projects at a time. It is a flexible job and offers you the opportunity to work across different sectors. However, you must have a basic understanding of the working style of other areas involved in managing a project. 

Why do companies hire consultants instead of appointing a full-time project manager?

Many companies cannot bear the cost of maintaining a large PMO structure. Hence, a consultant can help them in guiding project planning, risk evaluation, cost-cutting, and methodology to complete the project within the mentioned deadline successfully.

You can work as an independent consultant or for a PMP consultancy firm. The difference between the two roles is that if you work as an independent consultant, you guide the project management department of the firm. In contrast, you act as a PMP for the firm that hires you for a particular project in the second scenario.

Project Manager

All industries require project managers. But a few sectors offer a more lucrative salary package to project managers than others. Here is a list of a few sectors with the average salary package you can expect. 

Aerospace Industry The aerospace industry requires security clearance for projects involving trade secrets, intellectual property secrets, or copyrighted processes. A project manager appointed in this sector knows the process to get approval without hindrance.

Pharma Industry The project manager working in the pharma sector must have an in-depth understanding of the health industry. Having certifications like Lean Process, Six Sigma, and LEED is an added advantage. As a pharma PMP, you must also know about ISO certifications and hold specialized work-related degrees to climb the ladder of success quickly.

Mining Industry As a PMP working in the mining industry, you must also have additional skills. These include having a background in environmental, civil, and geotechnical areas and also must hold safety credentials to manage the risks this job involves. Your job involves creating an in-depth plan for executing and carrying out the mining operations while maintaining production.

Petroleum Industry Working in this industry requires you to work overtime in remote locations, and it is a labor-intensive job that involves extensive traveling. Along with work-related knowledge and skills, you must also be well aware of the safety measures you need to follow. The salary depends on your experience, nature of the project (short-term or long-term), and working location.

Final Words

Now you got a glimpse of the top 5 high-paying PMP certification jobs you can apply for. However, getting a dream PMP job with a lucrative salary package requires knowledge and skills and a solid experience in the related industry. 

If you work as a PMP for any of these sectors, share your experience in the comments below to help aspiring PMPs.

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