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5 Reasons People Get Disqualified in Exams

Jun 23, 20196 mins readAmit Masih
5 Reasons People Get Disqualified in Exams

If you are an IT student or want to establish your career as a full-time IT professional, you need to qualify for specific exams -mainly according to your domain - to endorse your skills. 

What can be more horrible than disqualification in any exam you were well-prepared for? Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, you have to face disqualification in the exams. This article is a comprehensive guide about the reasons behind disqualification in exams and how you can overcome them. 

So, before we describe the possible causes, let's examine the IT industry's importance, which will motivate you to become aware during the exam. 

Why IT Profession is in High Demand:

Today, almost every traditional business needs to hop into IT to remain competitive and offer customers the most satisfactory services. Demand for skilled, specialized IT experts is increasing as more firms learn how to leverage technology to their advantage. If you are interested in forming a new profession, you may consider the below-mentioned advantages of the IT field.

Going into the IT sector is becoming the top choice for many aspiring IT professionals. As the IT realm has considerable benefits that include;

1. Continuous advancement: IT is constantly evolving due to the introduction of new technologies, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy continuing their education.

2. Low-cost training options: It's frequently possible to train in information technology without completing a four-year degree, and this implies that entry-level college expenses could be far cheaper than in other well-paying professions like engineering. Many platforms provide certificates to help you get an outstanding IT professional job. If you are an engineering or computer science student, you can still go for these certificates as they will sharpen your skills and make your resume significant enough to be considered. 

3. Job security: IT sectors offer job security partly because there is a massive demand than supply for qualified IT employees. In addition, IT professions typically come with pay that reflects need. 

4. High Packages: IT is considered the highest paying sector among other careers. Being an IT professional, you can get handsome packages from well-known MNCs. 

Exams to get entry into the IT sector

You can still be called an IT professional if you are in the IT domain and have no certifications. But to ensure your professional survival, you must learn new skills. Keeping yourself up to date about the advancement in technology will help you reach all-new heights in this sector. Technology is evolving faster, and prestigious platforms are constantly introducing new certificates for various roles. 

However, if you take some time to trek the internet, you can see that several third-party platforms provide free exams; you only need to verify your knowledge by passing those pre-defined sets of questions. These exams aim to evaluate students' ability for any particular job role. As you know, the coin has two sides, which means a small number of mistakes can work as barriers to qualify these exams. 

Here are the 5 primary reasons behind being disqualified in the exam. The following part also has the best actions you can take to overcome the problem you are making.

1. Exam sickness or Anxiety

It's natural to feel a little anxious before the exam, and studies reveal that it can help you improve your concentration and focus. However, if it increases your focus and engagement, it doesn't mean the exam sickness is good for you. When you have exam anxiety, your performance on the examination seat may suffer, and as a result, you may feel miserable. Unpleasant exam experiences may influence exam anxiety in the past. Another cause of the anxiousness may be a lack of sufficient preparation or a lack of understanding of study methods or exam-taking strategies.

How to overcome- As it is usual to be worried right before the exam. But you have to control your thoughts. A good eight hours of sleep before the exam is essential to remain calm and composed during the exam. If you are well prepared, be confident.

2. Distraction from Syllabus 

Every exam covers a list of specific topics, and all the questions are asked from those matters only. So schedule a syllabus outline thoroughly before planning your preparation. 

How to overcome- Prefer the syllabus from the official vendor and reliable sources always. 

3. Lack of practical knowledge and hands-on practice 

The IT sector hunts for professionals with practical knowledge so they can effectively achieve their organizational goals and duties. The IT certification or exams also evaluate students by questioning case-study or real-time problem-related questions. If you rely only on theoretical knowledge in the exam, you are at high risk of getting disqualified. 

How to overcome- Ensure you have hands-on practice on various relevant activities. As this will not only boost your confidence, but you will be smoothly able to score qualifying marks.

4. Breaking exam discipline

Any sort of involvement in malpractice during the exam is a serious crime. Any attempt by the candidate to acquire an unfair advantage in the performance, assist another person, or obtain the same through dishonest methods is penalized. Nowadays, most exams are being conducted online, and the exam instruction includes behavioral guidelines such as:

  • The candidate must not use any hearing device. For instance, headphones, earphones, or other external audio equipment.
  • The candidate should be appropriately dressed.
  • The candidate should avoid any communication during the exam.
  • The candidates must be within the video frame; they are not allowed to move aside for any reason.

How to overcome- Every online exam comes with detailed instructions when you sign up, and you are advised to read each line of the document carefully.

5. Inadequate system facilities

As most of the IT certification or other applicable exams are online and web-proctored, you must adhere to the mandatory system requirements to avoid any kind of rejection or failure in the exam. 

Some standard system requirements for IT sector-specific exams are;

  • Adequate and uninterrupted power supply for the entire duration of the exam. 
  • A stable internet connection with a speed not less than 1Mbps. 
  • Properly functioning web camera.
  • At least 4GB RAM.

Although the system requirements vary from exam to exam, those mentioned above are common in almost all exams.

How to overcome– The exam instructions are a crucial part. Sometimes due to a minor misstep, you can face disqualification in the exam. Make sure you check everything before taking the online exam. It would be best to inspect the web camera, microphone, internet connection, and other devices you may need to take the exam.

The Final Words

The stated reasons are common yet can be easily prevented. You should never take the exam lightly. A calm mind, thorough yet strategic preparation and adherence to all the exam instructions are all you need to qualify for any exam you want.

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