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GIAC GCFR Certification

An Overview of the GIAC GCFR Certification Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 13, 20234 mins readAmit Masih
An Overview of the GIAC GCFR Certification Exam: Everything You Need to Know

The field of cybersecurity is evolving. As a cybersecurity professional, you must update your knowledge and skills to remain competitive. Cybersecurity professionals can earn the GIAC GCFR certification to demonstrate their expertise in forensic analysis.

If you are a cybersecurity professional looking to advance your career, obtaining the GIAC GCFR certification is an excellent career move. With more and more organizations moving to cloud-based infrastructure, cybersecurity professionals need to learn how to investigate incidents effectively.

What is GIAC GCFR certification?

As a vendor-neutral credential, the GIAC Cloud Forensics Responder (GCFR) certification is intended to validate cybersecurity professionals' expertise in conducting forensic investigations in cloud environments.

You will have to pass an exam to earn the GCFR certification. The exam covers cloud architecture and infrastructure, cloud security, incident response in the cloud, and legal and regulatory considerations associated with cloud computing.

The GCFR certification is widely respected in the cybersecurity industry. It has been recognized as a mark of expertise in the forensics and cybersecurity field by employers across the globe.

Areas covered

  • Log generation, collection, storage, and retention in cloud environments
  • Identification of malicious and anomalous activity that affects cloud resources
  • Extraction of data from cloud environments for forensic investigations

Exam details

To earn the GIAC GCFR certification, candidates must complete an online multiple-choice exam with 82 questions. The exam duration is 3 hours. To pass the GIAC GCFR certification exam, you must score at least 62 percent. The GCFR certification exam fee is 949 USD. 

Exam objectives

The GCFR certification exam covers the following topics:

AWS Cloud Platform Logging:

The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of how AWS logs are generated, collected, retained, and stored.

AWS Structure and Access Methods:

The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of AWS architectures, logging, data access, and the investigative possibilities

Azure & M365 Cloud Platform Logging:

Candidate must demonstrate proficiency in understanding how Azure & M365 logs are generated, collected, retained, and stored.

Azure & M365 Structure and Access Methods:

A candidate must demonstrate a thorough understanding of Azure and M365 architecture, logging, data access, and investigative possibilities.

Cloud Forensic Artifact Techniques:

Candidates must demonstrate a solid understanding of forensic investigation services, tools, and resources.

Cloud Storage Platforms:

Applicants will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of each cloud storage type and demonstrate the ability to create, secure, access, and use each one.

Cloud Virtual Machine Architecture:

A candidate must demonstrate knowledge of virtual machines' types, configurations, and availability in different cloud environments.

Cloud-based Attacks:

Candidates will demonstrate a knowledge of the tactics and techniques used to attack major cloud providers.

GCP and Google Workspace Cloud Platform Logging:

The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of GCP and Google Workspace log generation, collection, retention, and storage.

GCP and Google Workspace Structure and Access Methods:

Applicants will demonstrate knowledge of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace architectures, logs, data access, and investigative capabilities.

In-Cloud Investigations:

The candidate must understand collecting forensic images and extracting data from cloud resources to conduct forensic investigations.

Introduction to Enterprise Cloud Digital Forensics and Incident Response:

Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of the most popular cloud concepts and essential cloud resources and logs used for incident response and forensics.

Multi-Cloud Virtual Networking:

Applicants must demonstrate knowledge of each cloud networking topology, grouping resources for network communication, and inspect and control network traffic.

Who should take the GIAC GCFR certification?

The GIAC GCFR (GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner) certification is an ideal certification for professionals who are involved in the field of computer forensics.

Take a quick look at the job roles:

  • Incident response team members
  • SOC analysts
  • Threat hunters
  • Federal agents and law enforcement professionals
  • Experienced digital forensic analysts
  • SANS DFIR alumni looking to enhance their forensic skills

The final say

The GIAC GCFR certification is worthwhile for people who work in forensic analysis. With the GCFR, you demonstrate your forensic analysis proficiency and ability to handle complicated tasks. A GCFR certification exam is an excellent opportunity for forensic analysts to advance their careers.

For more information on taking the GIAC GCFR certification, click the chat button below, and one of our guides will contact you.

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