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APP Certification

Associate Protection Professional (APP) Certification: Overview Exam Modules

Sep 05, 20215 mins readAmit Masih
Associate Protection Professional (APP) Certification: Overview Exam Modules

What is the Associate Protection Professional (APP) Certification?

As part of ASIS International's ongoing strategy to provide professional development and academic opportunities for professionals at varying levels of security management, ASIS International launched the Associate Protection Professional (APP) certification program in 2019.

Candidates with 1-3 years of experience in security management should take this certification exam. Aside from measuring knowledge of security management fundamentals, risk management, business operations, and response management, the exam also assesses business operations professionals' knowledge of how to deal with threats.

This certification recognizes your understanding of the core security principles required for effective security management. The ASIS APP certification shows your commitment, professionalism, and ethical behavior.

About the Exam

The exam has 100 multiple-choice questions and 25 unscored "pre-test" questions. Pre-test items are reviewed during the time allowed. During the exam, you will be assessed in four primary domains that are considered key competencies in the field of security by experienced professionals.

Exam Information

Exam Code: APP Exam Format: Multiple-choice and multiple responses Number of Questions: 125 questions Exam Duration: 120 minutes Exam Language: English Passing Score: Pass or fail Exam Type: Security

Eligibility Criteria

  • One year: Master's degree (or international equivalent) in Security Management - Two years: Bachelor's degree (or international equivalent) in Security Management
  • Three years: Bachelor's degree (or international equivalent) in any discipline
  • Four years: No higher education degree

Exam Cost

ASIS members: $280 Non-members: $585

Exam Domains

Domain 1 - Domain Fundamentals (35%)

  • Implement and coordinate the organization’s security program(s) to guard the organization’s assets
  • Implement methods to enhance the safety program on a continuous basis through the use of auditing, review, and assessment
  • Develop and coordinate external relations programs with public sector law enforcement or other external organizations to fulfill security objectives
  • Develop, implement, and coordinate employee security awareness programs
  • Implement and/or coordinate an investigative program
  • Provide coordination, assistance, and evidence, such as documentation and testimony, to support legal proceedings
  • Conduct background investigations for hiring, promotion, and/or retention of individuals
  • Develop, implement, coordinate, and evaluate policies, procedures, programs, and methods to protect individuals in the workplace against human threats (e.g., harassment, violence)
  • Conduct and/or coordinate an executive/personnel protection program
  • Develop and/or maintain a physical security program for an organizational asset
  • Recommend, implement, and coordinate physical security controls to mitigate security risks
  • Evaluate and integrate technology into security program to satisfy organizational goals
  • Coordinate and implement security policies that contribute to an information security program

Domain 2 - Business Operations (22%)

  • Propose budgets and implement financial controls to ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Implement security policies, procedures, plans, and directives to achieve organizational objectives
  • Develop procedures/techniques to measure and improve departmental productivity
  • Develop, implement, and coordinate security staffing processes and personnel development programs in order to achieve organizational objectives
  • Monitor and ensure a sound ethical culture in accordance with regulatory requirements and organizational objectives
  • Provide advice and assistance in developing key performance indicators and negotiate contractual terms for security vendors/suppliers

Domain 3 - Risk Management (25%)

  • Conduct initial and ongoing risk assessment processes
  • Assess and prioritize threats to address potential consequences of incidents
  • Prepare, plan and communicate how the organization will identify, classify, and address risks
  • Implement and/or coordinate recommended countermeasures for new risk treatment strategies
  • Implement and/or coordinate recommended countermeasures for new risk
  • Ensure pre-incident resource planning (e.g., mutual aid agreements, table-top exercises)

Domain 4 - Response Management (18%)

  • Respond to and manage an incident using best practices
  • Coordinate the recovery and resumption of operations following an incident
  • Conduct a post-incident review
  • Implement contingency plans for common types of incidents (e.g., bomb threat, active shooter, natural disasters)
  • Identity vulnerabilities and coordinate additional countermeasures for an asset in a degraded state following an incident
  • Assess and prioritize threats to mitigate consequences of incidents
  • Coordinate and assist with evidence collection for post-incident review (e.g., documentation, testimony)
  • Coordinate with emergency services during incident response
  • Monitor the response effectiveness to the incident(s)
  • Communicate regular status updates to leadership and other key stakeholders throughout the incident
  • Monitor and audit the plan of how the organization will respond to incidents

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