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Benefits of AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Top Benefits of AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Aug 13, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
Top Benefits of AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

AWS is one of the leading cloud service providers, among all in the marketplace as it offers cost-effective services to businesses. The services of AWS are ideal and scalable for different business sizes. Suppose you are planning to invest your efforts and time in learning about cloud base technologies. In that case, it will be best to choose the leading AWS certification.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having AWS solution architect associate certification which you can acquire as an AWS certified professional.

1. Preparing for the future

The first benefit of having AWS certification is its increasing popularity in cloud technology. A recent study reveals that 83 percent of the organizations working will be transferred into cloud technology by the year 2020. So the advantage to have this credential that it will help to get prepare for the upcoming changes in the trends of the IT job market. In the near future, most of the companies will need to hire AWS professionals.

2. Limited problems to pass AWS certification

The benefit of Having AWS certification likewise lies in the fact that it is easy to qualify than other certifications. This credential has been introduced right back in the year 2013 and has come a long way to improve it and makes it easier for potential aspirants. Presently, the support of whitepapers, documentation, and instructor-led training courses helps individuals to get AWS certification easily.

3. A Rise in Pay

The next advantage of AWS certification is the salary. According to a global knowledge survey, having this credential could improve your salary up to 25.9 per cent as an AWS certified professional. The average salary AWS certified professional is 133,932 dollars. Whereas those who don’t have this credential, their annual salary is almost 90,512 dollars.

4. Chances to expand your professional network

The most important advantage of having this credential is that you will be able to access the AWS certified global community. AWS certified people could access LinkedIn community and network of AWS certification.

Moreover, in order to develop your professional network in the global community, you could also get more opportunities to expand it. AWS certification opens roads for attending meetups, professional gatherings and conferences. Consequently, you will be able to communicate with a number of people and expand your network, which could not be possible otherwise.

5. More Opportunities

As years pass by, more and more organizations are transferring towards cloud technology, so there will be more jobs are generating for AWS professionals. Employers are now demanding this certification, along with experience. If you have this certification, then there are 5 to 10 percent more chances to get a job increases for you. But suppose you have not this certification and you are applying to a company which is working on AWS projects. In that case, there are very few chances of you getting that job.

Final Thoughts

AWS certification is worth spending your time and money on. There are many benefits of having it both as an employee and an individual. Being certified clearly shows that you have invested your money and time into AWS, and it depicts your seriousness towards this cloud technology.

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