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Benefits of Getting PMP Certification

Top Benefits of Getting PMP Certification | CBTPROXY

Aug 19, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
Top Benefits of Getting PMP Certification | CBTPROXY

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized certification. It is essential for project managers. Especially for those who want to take the next step in their career. A PwC survey indicates that PMP certified project managers manage more than three-quarters of high performing projects. Additionally, companies with more than a third of PMP certified managers are more successful in their projects than the companies that do not.

There are many benefits of getting PMP certification. According to the recruiting experts and certified professionals, PMP certification benefits outweigh the cost of getting this certification. Here are some of the main benefits of getting the PMP Certification.

Add value to the CV

Project management jobs are very high in demand. So, in most cases, many people apply for these jobs. The company consumes time and resources to conduct interviews and assess all candidates’ potential to screen out as many people as possible before the project management interview process. This is where the PMP certification online exams take place. Some people may find PMP certification time-consuming. However, PMP certification to be is a significant credential that adds credibility to your resume.

Improve your skills

PMP certifications will definitely improve your skills because getting PMP certification is not easy. This involves rigorous training and a large number of courses to be passed. You are taught the key processes involved, which extend your knowledge to a much higher level.

Provides recognition to the industry

The PMP certification is recognized around the world. Many study programs focus only on a specific field or geography. On the other hand, PMP is universal and works with any industry anywhere. So, whatever your professional and industrial experience, you can earn by adding a certificate to your CV. Companies understand that certified managers are the best at completing a project on time and budget.

Help your business grow

As you study towards your PMP certification, you will learn best practices and optimal project management skills. You will be able to train others in your business to run the project smoothly, quickly, and efficiently, which will contribute to the overall growth and performance of the business.

Develop your marketing

PMP certification can help you gain access to global organizations operating in different regions of the world. It greatly improves your professional marketing and legitimizes your experience as a project manager. You will also be in contact with aspiring course seekers and PMP certified professionals, as mentioned earlier, through project management forums and discussion boards, helping you to master your experience with their guidance and knowledge.

Earn more

PMP certified project managers earn more than uncertified project managers. Once you have your PMP score, you can earn a higher salary and expect an immediate increase. Several surveys have shown that PMP certified project managers earn at least 20% more than their non-certified counterparts. Plus, PMP Certified Professionals have the potential to earn a six-figure income

PMP certification & ISACA certifications online qualifies you as an effective project manager, although this depends on your study role’s severity. A project manager has to take care of many things, and all of these a.spects are covered in this certification course.

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