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Big Data Certifications

Best Big Data Certifications in 2023

Jan 26, 20234 mins readAmit Masih
Best Big Data Certifications in 2023

In this era of constant technological advancement, IT professionals have ample opportunities to grow their career. By earning leading Big Data certifications and honing Big Data skills, professionals can broaden their knowledge and explore new areas within or outside their current field.

As big data continues to flourish, the demand for professionals such as data scientists, analysts, engineers, developers, administrators, and managers will also rise. The world is expected to generate 181 zettabytes of data by 2025, which requires efficient storage, easy accessibility, and thorough analysis.

Despite the high demand, there is a persistent shortage of data scientists, making big data a promising career field with attractive salaries and job opportunities. If you're looking for stability and security in your career, consider specializing in big data.

Why should you become a certified data professional?

Certification in big data can boost your career prospects, regardless of your current experience level. If you're starting, a big data certification can equip you with the right training and increase your chances of securing your first job in the field. Various certifications are available, from targeted certifications like Big Data Hadoop to comprehensive programs like the Big Data Engineer Master's Program that offer multiple certifications relevant to your career goals.

For experienced big data professionals, certification can lead to career advancement or help you specialize in specific technologies, such as MongoDB or Apache Cassandra. By acquiring the necessary skills and showcasing your qualifications, you can demonstrate your expertise to your employer.

Big Data certifications you must consider

1. CAP: Certified Analytics Professional

The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) certification is a globally recognized professional credential for analytics practitioners. Passing the rigorous CAP® exam demonstrates a high level of competence and opens up lucrative career prospects. This certification is ideal for early to mid-career analytics professionals. To be eligible for the CAP certification exam, you must possess either a Bachelor's degree and 5 years of professional analytics experience or a Master's degree with 3 years of experience.

2. MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

Microsoft's MCSE: Data Management and Analytics certification focuses on SQL Server 2016 and covers cloud environments and reporting. It replaced the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Business Intelligence that was retired on March 31, 2017. The certification consists of 12 elective exams that address a range of cloud, big data analytics, BI, and machine learning topics. To maintain this certification, you must pass an additional elective exam annually, demonstrating your commitment to keeping up with technological advancements and growing your skillset.

3. MongoDB NoSQL Certifications

MongoDB is a company that provides an open-source, NoSQL document-oriented database. Its NoSQL model is ideal for handling large amounts of unstructured data, which is common in big data projects. MongoDB's NoSQL certification program acknowledges the expertise of developers and operations professionals who can develop and operate applications on MongoDB. Two associate-level certifications are offered: MongoDB Certified DBA and MongoDB Certified Developer. The company intends to introduce higher-level certifications in the future. The current exams are based on MongoDB version 4.0.

4. Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

Oracle boasts one of the world's largest certification programs and has awarded over 1 million Oracle and Sun certifications. The certification is aimed at intermediate-level professionals such as architects, analysts, developers, and administrators who work with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite solutions and carry out tasks related to installing, building, querying, configuring, and managing the platform and BI dashboards. While anyone can take the exam, the certification is primarily designed for members of the Oracle Partner Network who sell and implement the technology.

5. SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS is a global corporation worth billions of dollars focusing on business analytics software and services. Its comprehensive certification program offers nine credentials in programming, data and information management, advanced analytics, and business intelligence. To earn the SAS Certified Data Scientist credential, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in manipulating big data using SAS and open-source tools, utilizing complex machine learning models, providing business recommendations, and deploying models. Earning this certification requires passing five exams.

The final verdict

Big data will continue to be a prominent topic in the technology industry, and the demand for big data professionals will only rise as more data is generated. If you're interested in a career in big data engineering or seeking advancement in your current career, consider obtaining certification. With certification, you can stand out and be better equipped to meet the growing demand for data professionals.

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