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Can You Pass PMP with Brain Dumps?

Dec 16, 20186 mins readAmit Masih
Can You Pass PMP with Brain Dumps?

PMP is a globally-recognized professional certification exam and is not easy to crack, and it requires a high level of experience and preparation. So, many times, you might think of buying brain dumps in an urge to pass the exam in the first attempt along with your regular study material, and you believe it to be an easy and cost-effective way to pass with ease.

These dumps are nothing but a compilation of questions prepared by someone who has already appeared for the exam. They prepare them soon after the exam and write as many questions as they remember, and it is only a preview of what exam questions might look like.

So now the question arises whether you should opt for them or not. Let us dive deep into this topic and see what harm it can cause to your exam preparation journey.

What is a Braindump?

Braindump means transferring information one has in their mind onto any physical or digital medium like paper or document.

Types of Braindumps

Self-created Braindump

You create it while studying for the exam. You make a short note of any information you studied to refer it later for a quick revision near the exam.

Someone Else’s Braindump

It is similar to the earlier one. But in this case, the braindumps become useless for you once you pass the exam, and hence you hand over these notes to someone else or your junior. However, reading someone else’s dumps is not recommended for you, as it does not represent the complete thought behind that short note and will not benefit you completely.

Pre Exam Braindump

In this case, just before the exam begins, you note a few vital information, concept, diagram, formulas, etc. It helps you in the exam.

Exam Questions Braindump

These brain dumps are purposely created by candidates who have appeared for the exam to be used by others. These are often available on social sharing sites for free or sometimes sold also.

We will discuss this type of brain dump and why intellectuals do not recommend using them. Whether you want to pass the PMP exam or any other exam, the information we share about dumps remains the same.

Nowadays, you will find several websites selling braindumps that promise exam clearance on the first attempt. Candidates fall prey to such false promises as they think it is an easy and cost-effective route to gain internationally-recognized credentials.

However, it is an illegal practice that does not ensure success. Also, if you are caught, you can lose your certificate too. Even if you get certified, without in-depth knowledge of the subject, you cannot climb the ladder of success that you always dreamt of. Your employer will lose faith in you and will eventually fire you.

Are Braindumps Beneficial?

No, braindumps are not beneficial. You may get certified by cheating authorities, but in the long run, without proper subject knowledge and fundamental skills, you can never land your dream job.

Drawbacks of Braindumps

Braindumps are Illegal

Exam dumps violate NDA (non-disclosure agreements), according to which you cannot reproduce, share, or publish exam questions and answers with other people.

If you are caught indulging in any such activity, then your certificates can be revoked, and you may be banned from taking any exam in the future.

Nowadays, it has become relatively easy for vendors to figure out whether you have used braindumps or not. They make use of data forensics to catch candidates using braindumps. They find the evidence by comparing it with other test results. The forensic algorithm not only considers one factor but many to analyze the candidate’s exam performance and then compare them with historical trends with similar points showing up as red flags.

Even if you try to alter your answers, certain characteristics remain the same, and AI can quickly identify them. The progressive flow when you have an in-depth understanding of the exam topics will be missing. So, it is highly advised to prepare thoroughly for the exam.

You Gain no Real Skills

When you depend on braindumps, you do not study exam topics in detail. You merely focus on memorizing questions and answers.

Dumps only contain questions and answers. You focus on rote learning without knowing the exact reasoning behind that answer. So your basic concepts never get cleared that are essential to perform better at your job and make progress in your career.

When you plan to gain a credential, passing the exam should not be the only thing on your mind, and you should prepare for it to acquire actual knowledge and upgrade your skills to deliver the best at your job and make continuous advancements in your work.

So if you feel overwhelmed about preparing for the exam, you can always solve as many practice papers to test your knowledge and how to complete the exam within a specified time. Getting enrolled in training courses and taking practice tests is legal.

There's no quality control.

You cannot analyze the quality of the dump you are using, and you cannot bank on their reliability. There is no guarantee that questions and answers will be correct, and they can all be incorrect. You have no idea whether the person behind the dump creation cleared the exam.

It takes in-depth research and testing to prepare the question paper. There is no way to find where the information came from with exam dumps and whether it is current or outdated.

These dumps can never replace the study materials available for an exam by the exam conducting bodies or other reliable vendors. There are various methods to prepare for the exam. You can join forums, exam communities, enroll in exam conducting body membership programs, etc., to prepare legally and effectively for the exam on which your future depends. Braindumps are illegal and one of the nastiest ways to study for globally-recognized certifications’ exams.

The Final Words You must have a clear understanding of why you should never opt for braindumps to study for the exam. Also, they are not only harmful to you as a candidate, but to people selling them, too, as they are always at risk of getting caught by the legal agencies.

If you have attempted PMP or any other exam in the past, I highly advise you not to share exam questions. If you violate the NDA rules, you might be penalized.

There is no shortcut to success. So avoid getting lured by offers that promise you to clear the exam if you buy their braindumps, as selling and buying dumps is an unlawful activity. Also, if you want to make progress and outshine your competitors, you must have a deep understanding of your field.

So you must try to create your notes to remember and memorize concepts. It is a handy tool for the last-minute revision of essential concepts.

So what are your thoughts now about braindumps?

Whether you have ever bought them or not, do share your valuable opinion in the comments below.

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