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Different Career Opportunities for PMP Certified Specialists

PMP Certified Specialists: Top Career Opportunities

Jun 10, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
PMP Certified Specialists: Top Career Opportunities

Having a project management certification will take your career to a new height of success. While working for getting the PMP certification, you will have to attend various conferences and webinars to earn a certain number of PDUs in order to meet the requirements for maintaining your credentials of PMP certification.

The conferences and webinars are a good way to get a lot of useful and valuable information. This certification is not just a certification; rather, it is being acknowledged as the best one certification across the world. Many people achieve this certification so that they can earn higher salaries.

Career opportunities for a Project Management Professional

A Project Manager is a professional who is responsible for the complete delivery of the project from the execution level to the end of the project. The project manager is responsible for organizing, planning, securing, controlling and leading the resources to achieve certain goals in a particular organization or industry project.

Project Managers generally work in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Computing
  • Telecommunications

Project management professional certification opens new doors to a lot of different career opportunities. The following are some of the career opportunities made by PMP certified professionals:

**Assistant Project Manager: **This is an entry-level position where you get the opportunity to along with experienced project managers in order to help them in accomplishing their tasks.

Associate Project Manager: It is an entry-level position in which you work under other project managers to oversee a project.

Contract Project Manager: In this position, you will not have the same responsibilities as a full-time project manager; rather, you work as a contractor to the project manager. As a contract project manager, you can expect to apply your skills to new situations and work with strangers.

**Information Technology (IT) Project Manager: **This position allows you to work with a computer, entire networks, and servers, including building and maintaining computer systems.

**Business Project Manager: **This is a corporate position that allows you to work with clients, consult with other business projects, or work with company infrastructure.

**Construction Project Manager: **While working as a Project Manager in an industry of construction, you can expect to supervise construction projects.

**Product Manager: **This position is focused on a certain product, including promotion, manufacturing, and pricing.

Project Coordinator: This entry-level position is focused on doing lighter tasks like organization and planning to assist the head of project managers.

**Software Project Manager: **This position is similar to the IT project manager, but it deals with updating software. You will need to oversee the improvement and development of new and already existing software in this position.


Considering the exclusive skill-set, ever-expanding job marketplace, and glowing reputation, a project management professional certification can surely make a difference when he or she goes for applying for a job in the industry of Project Management.

Employers go through resumes for hours in order to find the right candidate. It is vital to set yourself apart from your competitors and peers, and the key to becoming noticeable is the certification of Project Management Professional.

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