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CISA exam tips

Ace the CISA Exam with These Expert Tips | CBTPROXY

Jul 08, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
Ace the CISA Exam with These Expert Tips | CBTPROXY

If you want to clear the CISA examination in the first attempt then you will need to spend minimum two to three months for its preparation in order to get the a complete understanding about all of the subjects. It is always recommended to consult various relevant books to CISA apart from the typical official manual of it.

Following are the some tips and tricks that will help you in clearing CISA exam in the very first attempt.

1. Plan Early

The aspirants of CISA must need to plan early as the preparation of the examination requires you to have a complete understanding of the all the concepts in order to clear it in the first attempt. It is advisable for all the candidates to start their preparation three to four months before their examination. They must make a timetable and stick to it till the end.

2. Refer ISACA Review Manual

It is advisable for the individuals who are planning to give CISA examination, review the official manual of ISACA, tight in the year they are planning to attempt the exam. It is also recommendable that to also use other relevant books in order to understand all the concepts better and clearly. But place the review manual of ISACA on the first priority.

3. Participate In a Review Course

The individuals must participate in the review courses that are being conducted by volunteers. This will be quite beneficial for the candidates as they will get to know the deep knowledge about all the subjects and this will also help you in clearing the CISA exam in the first attempt as while attending these training sessions, you might came across some methods and tips that will be useful for you in doing your exam preparation.

4. Think as an accountant

It is vital for the individuals who are planning to take CIS exam to think like an accountant. As by doing this, an assessing quality will be developed in them that will help them in understanding the questions in the exam. Most of the individuals who give this exam are either comes from financial services industry or accounting background. So, if you develops this habit, then it will definitely help you in judging the right answer.

5. Take Practice Tests

It is very important for the CISA exam aspirants to highly concentrate in the practice tests that are available in the review manual of ISACA. They must not try to cram the questions and answers, rather they should try to understand all the subjects conceptually, as there are chances that the same questions might be asked in a different manner. So, it will be beneficial for them to give practice tests regularly.


Even though the CISA exam is tough, but you can clear it very easily in the first attempt if you use all these helpful tips that are mentioned above and understands all the concepts of the CISA exam in depth.

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