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CompTIA Security+ Exam Objectives

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives

Sep 08, 20194 mins readAmit Masih
CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives

What is the CompTIA Security+ exam?

CompTIA Security+ is a globally accepted and well-recognized certification that validates the foundational skills needed to perform core security functions and advance an IT security career. It is an internationally accepted and recognized certification used by organizations and security professionals in every corner of the world. 

A successful candidate will have the necessary knowledge and skills to install and configure systems to secure networks, devices, and applications, perform threat analysis, respond to appropriate mitigation techniques, participate in risk mitigation activities, and act with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations.


The CompTIA Security+ exam is designed for IT professionals working in the roles of systems administrators, network administrators, security administrators, and IT auditors. An IT professional who has a minimum of years of IT administration, day-to-day technical information security experience, and broad knowledge of security concepts would be a plus. 


Unlike other IT industry standard exams such as CISSP, which lets you join if you have a number of years of hands-on experience, CompTIA Security+ does not require any formal requirement to take the exam. 

The above statement does not mean that you can sit and take the exam just like that. CompTIA has its own set of requirements and standards to enable you to take the plunge. Being said that, to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification, you must have at least two years of security-related practical experience. Also, if you come from a security background, you are good to go. 

Exam accreditation

ANSI accredits CompTIA Security+ to show compliance with the ISO 17024 Standard, and, as such, the exam objectives undergo regular reviews and updates.

Test details

Required exam- CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Number of Questions - Maximum of 90 Types of questions - Multiple choice and performance-based Length of test - 90 minutes Recommended experience - At least two years of experience in IT administration with a focus on security Passing score - 750 (on a scale of 100–900

CompTIA Security+ objectives

CompTIA organizes certification objectives in different topic areas, knowns as domains. Here are the CompTIA Security+ exam objectives, along with the percentages of the exam:

  1. Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities - 21%
  2. Technologies and Tools - 22%
  3. Architecture and Design - 15%
  4. Identity and Access Management - 16%
  5. Risk Management - 14%
  6. Cryptography and PKI - 12%

CompTIA Security+ jobs and salary

CompTIA Security+ is one of the sought-after IT security certifications. Earning Security+ means you have a plethora of job opportunities that pay higher salaries. Here are some of the high-profile jobs for a certified CompTIA Security+ professional:

Systems administrator — $75,000 Security administrator— $86,000 Security specialist— $64,000 Security engineer— $110,000 Network administrator— $69,000 Junior IT auditor/penetration tester— $84,000 Security consultant— $121,000

Keep in mind that the salary range depends on the location and your expertise (starting point of your career as a veteran security specialist).

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