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CRISC Certification Renewal Requirements

CRISC Certification: Renewal Requirements

Jun 25, 20173 mins read
CRISC Certification: Renewal Requirements

In an attempt to help the students get to know about the renewal requirements of the CRISC certification, this blog will be a perfect piece of information and knowledge regarding the mentioned certification.

Together with this, students often come up with wide-ranging questions or put frequently asked questions that need to be addressed so that students do not find themselves in trouble. As a matter of fact, there can be a huge range of questions that can be asked on the students concerning CRISC certification.

For that, we have tried to answer and discussed as many questions as possible in a highly effective manner. Students would certainly feel good to find much-needed answers to the questions that are in their minds about the mentioned certification

Understanding pertaining to CRISC renewal requirements:

In an attempt to ensure the renewal of the CRISC certification of a student, ISACA needs more than 4 years CRISC certification period that would make students garner Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours in line with the policy of the CPE. Owing to this, CRISC students would have to fulfill the following requirements so that they would be able to ensure the maintaining of their respective certification:

  • The students are supposed to gather at least twenty annual CPE hours, with one hundred twenty hours collectively in the 3 years of the CRISC certification program provided by many educational institutes.
  • Along with that, the candidates must pay the per annum CPE maintenance fees to the ISACA multi-national headquarters.
  • In the audit case, the students would have to ensure the submission of relevant and required documents pertaining to CPE activities.
  • What is most important to mention is that the students will have to comply with the code of conduct or professional behavior associated with the ISACA in a highly effective way. In the wake of violating the terms and conditions or rules of the ISACA, the institute holds the right to reject the certification with the certification of the student damaged immediately.

Understanding CRISC maintenance requirements

It must be noted that in an attempt to secure or maintain the CPE, the ISACA asks the students to qualify the activities of CPE that should be approved on the part of the CRISC Certification Task Force. Such activities should be directly aligned with the identification of risk, evaluation, assessment, and monitoring of the IS controls.

It is remarkable to note that the CPE hours will not be approved associated with the on-the-job activities in case these hours come under the particular qualifying professional education activity. These activities would restrict the students to take part in:

  • Professional education activities and meetings of ISACA
  • Self-study courses (no limit)
  • Vendor sales/marketing presentation
  • Teaching/lecturing/presenting
  • Publication of article, books, and monographs
  • Exam question development and review.

Conclusion It is important to fulfill all the requirements for the renewal of the certifications. Otherwise, you will lose its worth and need to appear again in the examination. It is important to step into the bright future.

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