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PRINCE2 Examination Day

PRINCE2 Exam Day: Dos and Don'ts | CBTProxy

Jan 22, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
PRINCE2 Exam Day: Dos and Don'ts | CBTProxy

PRINCE2 is the game-changer for the project managers, but there are certain things that can change the game for you! Didn’t understand what am I talking about? Let me make it easy for you! There are some Do’s and don’ts that you have to know about the PRINCE2 certification examination.

If you know about them all, it is then more likely that you will handle the examination and secure a certificate for you. We are here to tell you about all those do’s and don’ts that you have to be aware of. With no more delay, let’s have a look!

Do’s for PRINCE2 examination day:

When it is your exam day, you have to be more than fresh as compared to the regular day because your freshness will impact your result, and you have to get a positive impact only. For this, you have to get up early in the morning, have your breakfast on time and then revise all the essential points that you have learned before.

Another thing that you have to do is to reach the exam center have an hour before your exam timing, and if you are attempting it online, you have to check for your internet connection and your hardware. Do not forget to check your webcam because, without it, you can’t take an exam.

Make sure that you have all the necessary items for exam time like a running ballpoint or pen, and a watch on your wrist to keep track of the time and a clipboard if allowed. You will not be allowed to take any type of gadgets with you, so you have to leave them at home so that you don’t miss them at the exam center.

You have to give your level best and leave it to luck. Be confident while attempting the exam, and stay focused. Not even a single murmuring sound should disturb your focus on your paper.

Don’ts for PRINCE2 examination day:

You have to put all your worries aside at the time of the paper, and you must very focus on your exam. Do not let your fears be a reason for your failure, so try to relax and be poised at the time of the exam. Manage the time while attempting an exam, and do not waste your time on a single question.

If you don’t know the answer to any question, you never have to feel helpless because if you think so, your passion will lower down, and it will badly affect your result. Don’t worry if a question seems complicated; you can move on to the next one leaving it for the end of the paper.

Keep in mind that you have to score 50-55% marks in the PRINCE2 examination and if you manage to attempt half of the right answers, relax because you already passed the exam, but don’t be overconfident.

Last words:

These are some of the crucial points that will surely help you in your exam. You have to remember these points while going to attempt the exam so that you can give your best and get the best in return!

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